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Aug 24, 2009 07:14 PM

Food stops: Driving from Bologna to Rome

I will be driving from Bologna to Rome in September. Stopping at Bologna, Urbino, Gubbio, Perugia, Orvieto and Rome. Would welcome recommendations for interesting small towns and sustenance - restaurants, gelato, markets, vineyards, etc.- along the line of march. Will drive many kilometers for the right stuff.

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  1. Ravenna is on your route and highly recommended but my food experience would not be relevant (to many years have passed - I do remember some delicious fish soup at a pension at Marina di Ravenna but that cook must be long gone. The ancient churches and their mosaics are wonderful.

    For the Romagna-Rimini area, you might want to look for posts by vidanto, who lives in that area and is very knowlegeable. the run down the coast is pretty dull as I recall.

    A little out of the way, but If you are starting in Bologna, you are not far from the production zone for traditional balsamic vinegar and a visit to an acetaia would be cool. We wanted to visit and missed the Osteria di Rubbiara, which is located west of Modena and run by the Pedroni family. They have an acetaia adjoining the restaurant and also produce distillates. Stuff like nocino (walnut) and sburlon (quince)liqueurs were one of the pleasures of our visit to the region last year.

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      Good idea, we will make sure to visit Osteria di Rubbiara and its acetaia. Thanks

    2. In Gubbio do not miss a very relaxing stop for a coffee or whatelse at the bar L'ARCIERE.
      Good lunch in Perugia, especially if you enjoy wine, at the restaurant ENONE', in the center of the town. .
      In Perugia, very good the bar SANDRI.
      Good lunch in Orvieto, very close to Duomo, the restaurant VINOSUS.

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        All duly noted, will put on our list. Any ideas for the area around Urbino???

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          From Urbino, drive to Acqualagna and enjoy lunch at IL VICOLO.
          Do not miss truffle, if the season is right but, please, ask for price before you order it.

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            I had a very memorable autumn meal at Nene, just a few kilometers from the walls of Urbino. Also a great place to stay. Easy parking. I had a pork shank cooked to perfection, chestnut pasta with a ricotta sauce and the local cheeses for dessert (with the local honey).


            I don't know if you are interested in wine, but Montefalco is ground zero for the region's best red, Sagrantino. The wine-based risotto at Il Coccorone is a treasure.

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              Thank you to all, very helpful suggestions, all duly noted and yes we are VERY interested in wine.

              Moving along the line of march - any suggestions in near Perugia or Orvieto??