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Aug 24, 2009 06:23 PM

Headed For The Gulf

In a couple of weeks I'll be headed down to Port A (actually, Mustang Island). This will be my first time down there. Any of y'all have a good seafood restaurant you can suggest? And by "good" I do not mean fancy. I mean just some good regular fried seafood.

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  1. Nothing fancy in the recs below:
    And by not fancy I mean you could probably come straight from the beach.

    Fried stuff: Castaways, Fins, Island Cafe or the Wharf. Pretty much anywhere in Port A will have fried seafood on the menu. Of the these I prefer Castaways, but I know people who love Fins. I'm basing my option purely on the fried shrimp though. If you are up to cook your own seafood (in case fishin doesn't go well), you can buy fish at Port A Seafood.

    Non-fried stuff: Shells (for lunch), Taqueria San Juan (for breakfast tacos), La Playa (margaritas, flan - no credit cards), chicken sandwich at Moby Dick's.

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      I vote for Castaways. The fried shrimp is great. And you can come straight from the beach. If you like Cajun, try the Crazy Cajun. If you are down there on a Tuesday, go to Aransas Pass and visit the Big Fisherman. All you can eat Fried Chicken Gizzards or Chicken Fried Steak for less than $3.00. The Chicken Fried Steak sucks but the Chicken Gizzards are great. Ok seafood, not the best but cheap as far as seafood goes.
      Don't miss Crofutt's in Bayside. Great burgers on homemade buns. Best egg sandwich you have ever had, bar none. Worth a trip.

      1. re: tuckspop

        I second the vote for Crazy Cajun in Port A. Excellent gumbo, jambalaya, corn on the cob. They'll treat you right.

        1. re: tuckspop

          I would avoid the seafood at The Big Fisherman. Against my advice a friend went and he agreed it was not good. I like the Crab'n between Aransas Pass and Rockport. It's a little dressier, I wouldn't go in beach clothes, but shorts and sandals are fine. There is a nice view, and be prepared for a wait at peak times.

      2. Snoopy's! At the causeway from Corpus Christi. You loop under by the water on the CC side. Just a fantastic place for shrimp and their fried fish is mahi, excellent. Good boiled shrimp too. And shrimp and rice with actual broccoli for those attempting not to eat so bad. Urbanspoon has a good view of it's details.

        All the recc's here are good too. We love La Playa. Cash only like mentioned and a tad expensive but the bacon wrapped shrimp and the crab enchiladas rock.

        Had a memorable fried meal at the bakery cafe in Aransas Pass last time I was down. Will explore that again. Old timey downtown cafe kind of place right on the main road can't miss it.

        If you go down 183 you can hit Lockhart on the way and you won't need much food for a day or two.

        This thread will get moved to the Texas board I bet.

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        1. re: BTAustin

          I'll second Snoopy's. I always stop there under the bridge when we go down to the island. I was always particularly fond of their "drum sticks" which was fresh breaded fish sticks made from fresh caught drum.

        2. Beach and Station St. Grill: good food - better than either Castaways or Fins, in my experience - and friendly, personal service. It's a small place but has an outdoor deck, sometimes with a band. Location is in the name (i.e., it's on Beach at Station street).

          Do NOT under any circumstances go to Pelican's Landing.

          1. Port A has great seafood restaurants, I definitely recommend The Pelican Club or Shells. These are the nicer places in town. If you want the fried seafood/ casual kind of place go to Hooks or Fins.

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            1. re: maggiesaustin

              thanks to everyone for the suggestions. i've written down notes and will hopefully get to try most of the places.

              anyone familiar with a place called "virginia's"?

              1. re: bloody hammer

                Yes. I'd say to skip it. Nice view but the food is mediocre. Instead get take out tacos and sit on the jetty or go to the park - you'll have a similar view of the water.

                1. re: cowfish

                  Checked back with my friend, since childhood, who has a place in Rockport, and has an inside source for a major restaurant supply company, and Virginia's seafood is commercial, not necessarily local. The Big Fisherman is the place for all you can eat gizzards and livers.

            2. Not the "good regular fried seafood" the you might find at Castaways, but Venetian Hot Plate ( is the best dining experience my family has had in Port A. As you might guess, VHP is an Italian restaurant with a number of excellent seafood options.