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Have u tried Te House of Tea--- in Houston

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Have been by there a million times and decided to stop this w/e. What a terrific restaurant-tea house. They've got a gazillion teas,, green, black, white, hot tea, cold tea.. The food ordered,, was superb! I ordered an asian chicken crepe that came with a side of cabage/slaw (not texas style slaw) and GF ordered a 3-salad plate.... one of her salad scoops was a chicken curry salad that was exceptionally flavored.. This little oasis is located in a residential area at 1927 Fairview and is sooo laid back, comfortable, affordable and hip that I am hooked on the first visit. Specialities include, a knowledable and courteous staff, daily specials, omelette's, crepes and of course teas! Ck it out!

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  1. Yes, it's a very pleasant place for lunch. I had a turkey/cranberry sandwich that I enjoyed.