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Aug 24, 2009 04:32 PM

Top 10 McDonald's failures: #10 Mc Gratin Croquette - deep fried macaroni, shrimp, and mashed potatoes on cabbage

It boggles the mind to think what is at the top of the list

Not all are discountined and some like the Mc Gratin make special appearances from time to time. This is on the menu of McDonald's Japan.

I always wanted to try the McLobster roll. Not so much after seeing a photo.

I'm kind of thinking the #2 spot ... the McAfrica burger ... really should have 'won' the top spot for poor taste.

Some others mentioned in the comments
- Thailand had a rice cake burger ... rice cakes instead of a bun
- Onion nuggets
- Eggs Benedict McMuffin with hollandaise sauce

My own votes for worst were the McShrek shake and the breifly reformated Filet-o-fish.

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  1. I had the McLobster roll about 5 years ago at a McDonald's outside Boston...for $5.00 it was small, but the bun was fresh, lobster sweet and even though it was very small, it was good.

    1. I always wondered how the McWrap name came about - sounds akin to ordering a
      sh!t sandwich: Mc Crap

      1. I wouldn't call any of the Japan offerings a failure by any means. These new and unusual products are strategically developed and released my McD Japan to maintain interest in the chain and its menu. They are essentially designed for short-term marketing (often a few weeks) in order to boost publicity and create buzz among customers here. Quite frequently, they are released seasonally and every year people come to expect them.

        1. One good thing they do a little different is some of the McD's along I-25 in New Mexico offer fresh sauteed green chilis on your sandwich no extra charge.

          1. McAfrica?? I can't believe that name actually made it out of the corporate PR department.

            Wonder if there was "McAsia Burger" ... maybe a Katsu Pork on a sesame bun with lettuce, tomato and special sauce?

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              There was mention of a McChina burger in Argentina during the Olymics. However, the comments were vague ... something with curry or sweet and sour sauce or both.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                I had that Beijing Burger at a McDonald's in Peru at that time. It was something like a Big Extra but it was topped with chop suey and some kind of red sauce. It tasted like it should be on the menu as "Salt Ten Ways". It came with rice sticks instead of fries... I think they were going for fried rice patties in the shape of sticks, breaded and deep fried. It did not go very well.