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i have to go to %&cking vegetarian restaurant because this chick is kosher

i live in the east village and was really stoked to take this chick to kajitsu but it's closed on monday. . . so I thought Dirt Candy . . . closed on monday . . . I live a half a block from angelica's kitchen but haven't ever been compelled to eat there. . . help . . . please . . . I had ssam last night . . . what am i going to do?

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  1. Are you tied to the EV or will you consider other neighborhoods? What about one of the south indian places in Curry Hill?

    1. Why are you dating someone who is kosher if it's such a huge imposition on you to go to a restaurant that meets her religious dietary needs?

      Dirt Candy, Angelica's Kitchen, and the Momofukus are *not* kosher. In fact, even if a restaurant is vegetarian, that doesn't mean it's automatically kosher. Kosher restaurants have to be certified as such.

      whitneybee mentioned the Indian restaurants in "Curry Hill." The best choice for your situation would be Pongal, which is both vegetarian and kosher.


      1. Folks, please stay on topic and recommend appropriate restaurants. We've removed several posts critical of the OP's choice of words, dating "advice" and so on.

        1. Is she a vegetarian, or does she keep kosher? Why don't you just go to a kosher restaurant and eat all the meat you want?

          Or just date someone else. Might be simpler in the long run, since this is causing you so much tsuris.

          1. Why don't you go to a kosher falafel/shawarma restaurant like Azuri Cafe on 51 St. and 10th Av.? Sure, it isn't in the East Village, but since eating meat is so important to you, I'm sure you won't mind traveling a bit. Plus, when he's on, the food is very good there. You want someplace closer? How about Hummus Place on St. Marks between 1st and A? They are kosher according to this useful website:


            Look through their Manhattan listings and then make a decision about whether to cancel the date because of dietary incompatibility, choose a restaurant, or ask us for more specific advice.

            1. First figure out if she is vegetarian, or kosher, or both. It's not clear from your post. Most of the higher end places will prepare vegetarian for you. And there are some very good Kosher restaurants. Get back to us when you have more info.

              Dude, you live in Manhattan. This is not that hard...

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                He has told us that she is kosher. So, the dietary questions that remain are: Is she a vegetarian? If not, does she eat only in restaurant that are certified kosher?

                In any case, his post indicated he was looking for something for last night. So, now the question is, where did he end up?


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                  My take is that the woman keeps Kosher, but probably isn't super strict about it as she will eat at a vegetarian non-Kosher restaurant. I used to live with roommates who kept Kosher, but went through various stages ranging from only eating at Kosher restaurants to eating vegetarian sides at a pork BBQ place.

                  Some vegetarian restaurants that would fulfill the OP's requirements:

                  Candle 79
                  Chennai Garden
                  Madras Mahal

                  Several of the Curry Hill restaurants are Kosher in addition to vegetarian.

                  Or you can go to a Kosher restaurant. I'm not too familiar with them in Manhattan. The only one I've eaten at is Olympic Pita and Azuri. I remember cimui recently praising a Kosher steakhouse, but don't recall the name.

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                    Prime Grill - surprisingly good kosher steaks and sushi

                    Pongal and Chennai are both certified K if I recall

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                      That was my take as well. I have several friends who keep Kosher in the home, but will happily eat out at any restaurant as long as they don't eat non-Kosher meat, so most of them eat out as vegetarians usually.

                  2. for a light meal try Hummus Place, St Marks (Ave A & 1st)

                    1. It's been a while since my last visit, but Tevere on E. 84th St. had good Kosher Italian and a beautiful dining room.