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Aug 24, 2009 03:09 PM

Myrna's Greenwich

Drove by today and saw the windows covered with butcher paper and a note on the door. Any ideas as to what's going on. They just recently opened.

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  1. I ate there when it opened last summer. I was not impressed

    1. I heard they closed down the Greenwich place and will be expanding the Stamford location.

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      1. re: A avenue

        what i wouldnt give to have Toku Shin back in that spot

      2. That's too bad. the stamford location is expanding. i actually think the food is pretty good and Myrna is very nice. hopefully they will continue to have sucess in stamford. it's not like we have many alternatives.

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        1. re: LW1

          I like Myrna's as well...but there is some competition already and more coming. Laylas, with 2 locations now, and I'm thinking that Tabouli Grill coming to where Margot's used to be, is going to be the same kind of fare. I love middle eastern food so I say the more the merrier!

          1. re: A avenue

            I much prefer Myrna's to Layla's. For instance their falafel is far more flavorful and not as reliant on garlic. While Layla's baclava is tasty, Myrna's is total lights out honey heaven. And a wider array of choices. As is most of her menu. Myrna upgraded for the Greenwich crowd, guess it didn't take. If they are expanding in STMD: Greenwich's loss, Stamford's gain.

            Tabouli does sound promising, but if it's any good the parking will be murder. Also I'm somewhat suspicious of both Israeli fine cuisine and Israeli warm hospitality. Each concept an oxymoron :)

            1. re: louuuuu

              It is a shame about Myrna. She is a lovely person and does a good job. I think her concept was not quite right for Greenwich. She was the first with the middle eastern thing here and if she just stays with what she does well she should be fine. And yes, that parking sucks at Bull's Head, don't expect it to get any better either with the jazz/movie/ pizza place coming in too.

              1. re: lillydaisy

                I think that little stretch of The Post Road from the corner of Greenwich Ave. to the library is doomed. Most businesses that try to get established there fail and I think I know what the culprit is. Lack of parking. I think Barcelona is making it because the crowds tend to come later in the evening when more street parking is available. I was only able to get takeout from Myrna's once. Didn't go back because I couldn't find parking. Terrible that they made the place so nice and had to leave

            2. re: A avenue

              I have to agree with you in reference to the food and to the owner. The Greenwich location had a bad parking lot and I could only imagine what they paid in rent there. I can't wait for the expansion and the belly dancing on Saturday in the Stamford location. I also heard they are opening a fresh Middle Eastern market mid-November which should compliment the already great food.

              866 East Main Street, Stamford, CT 10003

          2. Yes, I do know. The chef from Oporto in Hartsdale (such good chicken!) is opening a new restaurant in that spot. Sadly, Oporto in Hartsdale is closing. We were there on Saturday night and the waiter told us that the owner of Oporto is opening a Greek restaurant in Bronxville, and the chef from Oporto is going to the spot where Myrna's used to be in Greenwich to open up a new restaurant. It will have a new name.