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Aug 24, 2009 03:05 PM

Catering Recommendation - Saint Paul or Minneapolis

I am hosting a grand opening event at a retail location in the south easter suburbs. It is an open house format and I would like to offer something different than the typical Famous Dave's style fare. The event is on a weekday night from 4-8 p.m. I intend to serve finger food - little or no assembly required. Does anyone have any recommendations for catering? I would also consider multiple types of food such as mini donuts, soft pretzels, kettle corn, empenadas, or other types of food. Any suggestions you have are appreciated.

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  1. I would look into Create Caters. Chef Philip Dorwart and his staff are creative, the food is delicious, and they can work with your budget. They are a little more creative than pretzels and kettle korn, and use local ingredients when possible.

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      Thanks. I did look into Create Caters and they look fabulous. Couldn't meet my budget and were a little too upscale for what we are trying to do. I will keep them in mind for future events though. I ended up going with ChowGirls Killer Catering - they do a great job and have been very flexible with budget and creative with ideas.

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      1. Here's an idea for you that would be a little different: Ruhland's Strudels. They make all likes of savory and sweet strudels. Traditional kinds and some of their own combinations. LIke brat and kraut strudels, rueben strudels, chicken strudels, vegie ones, apple, all kinds of other fruits. You could get an assortment and cut them into little pieces so people could get a sampling. Maybe have a little salad or some cut vegies with dip on the side to balance it out.

        They are located down in Eagan, so maybe that's close to you?

        I have not actually tried them myself, but am planning to for an event later this fall for an organization that we are going to give an "Octoberfest" spin.

        I also noticed on their web site that they are selling at a number of farmers markets around town, so maybe that would be a good opportunity to try their wares.

        Maybe someone else on the board has tried them?

        This would definitely be a little different.

        Here's their web site with background on the different varieties they make: