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Aug 24, 2009 02:58 PM

Downtown Oakville Restaurants... suggestions?

Hello all,

I have been to the following spots in downtown Oakville and I am looking to try something new but on something not too expensive:

Rude Native
Bahn Thai
Thai Chef
The indian place on church street (forget the name)

And probably some others that I am forgetting. Looking for something with mains around $15/$16 or so. (or atleast some options in that range as some people are on a tighter budget).

Any suggestions? Anyone been to that new "Cork" restaurant (I should try to find their menu as it might be out of my range anyway)...

This is for a dinner on Wednesday night so I am curious if chowhounders get out this way.

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  1. Agabi's fits perfectly in there! One of my favorite restauraunts.. it's just past Kerr on Lakeshore

    It's a french-medeterranian restauraunt... one look at their shawarma when you walk in and you'll know the place is good.. best shawarma, best greek salad, and one of the best calimari's in the GTA in my opinion.. other excellent things include their souvlaki and similar medeterranian items.. think of it like an upscale shawarma/greek place

    1. Seasons, which is a couple of doors down from the Rude Native is quite good as is the Italian restuarant in where the old Il Timone used to be. Unfortunately the name escapes me right now.

      1. If you want to try sushi, Mye is probably the best in Oakville (across from Jonathans) and Oki on Kerr is good too..

        1. Thanks everyone.

          I have enjoyed Agabi's in the past (left it off the list above of places since it isn't downtown) and I have been to Becofino also (the place that is in the old Timone location.... I had a great meal there too). I am interested in trying both the japanese places mentioned but I don't tink this friend will be into that so I think we will end up at Corks (turns out it is a tapas place, I called them and unfortunately they don't have a website but the hostess read out some of the menu over the phone).

          I will keep Seasons in mind as a backup.

          Will post my experiences here after the meal

          1. I am probably too late as it is Wednesday today however I have heard that Corks is just so so. I would recommend Rocco's. Italian but very good, good atmosphere and price is right.

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            1. re: juliewong

              we were at Cork's recently.

              Lovely patio, very friendly service.

              As Julie stated, food was so so..... we tried 6 plates, best was their cold soup.... lamb chops were $15 or something for 2 chops, not bad not memorable.

              Next time I will try the Churros.

              I wish someone in Canada would make patatas bravas fried in oilive oil like they do in Barcelona, really miss that dish!

              1. re: doctorandchef

                Thanks to Julie and Doctorandchef in addition to the other posters.

                I did end up at Corks last night. We ended up ordering the following:

                Morcilla and Chorizo
                Piri Piri Chicken

                I had never had a blood sausage before.. Found out yesterday that Morcilla was a blood sausage. The server mentioned this and I was going to suggest changing our selection but my friend wanted to try it still (I don't think she really knew what it was. Sure enough she didn't eat very much of hers
                I liked the chicken, it was probably my favourite of the dishes
                The churros were my least favourite. It just seemed like a battered tube of stuff. It wasn't at all like any churro I had before.
                The paella was decent but I have no frame of reference since I had never had a paella before.

                Total for above dishes and 2 glasses of wine was $84 (including tax + tip). I did notice that the credit card slip said "Seasons of Oakville" so I guess it is run by the same people that own Seasons.

                Overall it was a decent meal but I probably won't be returning anytime soon (it was my first tapas restaurant but for the prices they were charging I think I can do better elsewhere).