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Aug 24, 2009 02:21 PM

Brooklyn Fair---concessions?

I am going to the Brooklyn Fair for the first time on Friday and was wondering what they've got to eat? Anything special I should try?


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  1. B'klyn? As in NYC? Wrong board...or explain to the rest of us hounds if in New England--where, what?

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      Noooo. Brooklyn as in CT. Sorry, I totally know better than that when posting a question on c-hound.
      Their annual fair is the oldest agricultural fair in the US...but I don't care about the live animals...just the tasty ones.

    2. CT

      Big hot cinnamon doughnut- vendor used to hit all CT fairs but has cut back to a few

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        1. re: brookerme

          Unfortunately that link only gives me applications to become a vendor. I did my homework before I posted the question. I also searched chowhound before posting it.

 Eastern CT, Quiet Corner folks to reply on this?

        2. The Brooklyn (CT) Fair is the best fair ever. There is the Pork Palace - a fair standard and the Sunflower Farm Pizza - commune from Maine that has been making a great pizza at the fair for many, many years. There is a local bison farmer who cooks bison burgers on his grill, too. Nuts, LOCAL Ice Cream, ooh! the Texas Grill taco steak or chicken salad, Apple Crisp, Roast Beef, Sauage and Peppers...Mmmmm Fair Food!!!

          1. I don't recall too much about the food, I think it was pretty typical fair food, I always went to the Brooklyn Fair for the wacky contests they don't have at any other fairs, like the cast iron skillet toss. The last time I was there I did get some really delicious cinnamon almonds, but those are probably not specific to that fair.

            1. Don't worry about those NYC-centric folk - I knew exactly where you meant!The bison burgers are great - check it out. Plus, it's always nice to be served by the farmer themselves.
              We'll be headed up there Saturday night. I love this fair; along with the Lebanon fair, they're the best in the state.

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              1. re: bakinggirl

                Thanks!! this is EXACTLY what I was looking for. never let me down!