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Aug 24, 2009 02:19 PM

New Dairy "Benny's" on Avenue J in Brooklyn

Just wanted to give a heads up about a new dairy pizza/pasta/fish/salad restaurant - Benny's - that recently opened on Avenue J between East 14th and 15th Streets. I'm usually on that block about once a week, and just noticed it last week for the first time. I'm guessing that it's connected to the Benny's on Avenue M, which has been at that location for quite a while (though I don't ever remember eating there).
I stopped in to pick up some take-out menus. The selection looks really nice. The place is smallish, with a long, narrow layout, but looks nice. I'm pretty sure that it is a waiter service rather than a fast food place. I'm looking forward to trying it soon.
If anyone has checked it out already, please share your reviews!

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  1. It's the same owners as the Benny's on Avenue M. My brother in law and his friends (they're in high school) go there a few times a week. It's a fast food place, but they have lots of tables- many more than the Avenue M location.

    The make-your-own salad bar is fresh, and they are very quick to mix up a salad. Their pizza is a bit different than the standard pie, but I love it. Lots of different things about this place than the other pizza places- they make the pasta dishes when you order them, they'll make you a fresh pie if you're buying a whole one, the cajun fries are fresh fries tossed with chili powder and spices, the onion rings are thick slices and battered- not the frozen bagged type.

    A friend mentioned she went in to pick up takeout, and when the manager saw her two kids, he asked if she had trouble parking. He mentioned if she was placing a large takeout order, she could call up, and they would bring it out to her car.

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      Thanks for the clarification that there is no waiter service. As for the info. about curbside pickup - that might come in handy now that people are returning from vacation, and the Avenue J area becomes more congested, and parking spaces harder to come by.
      Does anyone have any more menu recommendations?

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        I can tell you specific item that I like... if that helps

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          Thanks very much, I would appreciate it.

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            pizza with vodka sauce and fresh mushrooms- very good.
            margherita pizza- excellent, I think they use a different sauce than the regular pizzas

            baked ziti- my husband likes it, but it's not cheap

            toss your own salad- fresh ingredients, but sometimes they add up the final amount wrong. If you let them know you're eating there, they'll put your food on an real plate- not a paper one.

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              Thanks! I look forward to checking the place out soon.

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                As the OP, I've been meaning to update this thread for quite a while. Benny's pizzas are a real treat. The thin and crispy crust (some are a very tasty whole wheat), yummy sauce, and fresh mozzarella, are delicious. Their slices are equivalent in size to about 1 1/2 slices of traditional pizza. So far, I especially enjoy their pizza with spinach and tomatoes. I've been meaning to try other varieties, and I'm sure I will, but whenever I go in, I can't help ordering the spinach and tomato again.
                One caveat, in my opinion anyway: all pizza is much, much better when eaten fresh at the store. Somehow by the time you get it home, it's just not the same. My theory, is that maybe part of the problem is that after a short time, the sauce is absorbed into the crust.
                Aside from the pizza, I also highly recommend their spinach omelet, which has cheese and a delicious tomato sauce.
                I also really enjoy their spinach omelet, which has cheese, and a very tasty tomato sauce.
                Belated thanks to "cheesecake17" for your recommendations, which I still hope to try.

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                  Happy to hear Benny's is still good! Haven't been to the Avenue J location in a while, but the other location was excellent a few months ago.