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Aug 24, 2009 01:53 PM

Recs in Richmond Hill/Markham/Scarborough

Do you guys know any good, budget-friendly ($15-25 ish) restaurants for dinner?
Doesn't matter what type of cuisine, cozy atmosphere for chatting would be good.

Also, any cafes with decent baked goods around this area?

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  1. I like the Pickle Barrel. Especially the original one on Leslie St. Good solid quality, good sized portions and if you like corned beef, that's your place. Very budget-friendly and a great baked goods and desserts. It's also a nice place to just sit and gab with family and friends.

    1. When in Markham/RH you really have to do Chinese, which is incredible around there. A board search will yield countless options. My personal favorite in Tanchikee.

      1. I live in Richmond Hill. We like Vic Hong at Major Mac and Bayview for Vietnamese, and, as Matt suggested, Highway 7 from Bayview to Leslie teems with Chinese, Viet, and Thai spots of all price ranges and varieties. We like Richmond Court, and the National Post highlighted John's BBQ a few weeks ago among less expensive places.North on Bayview you can find more expensive places like Yang's or Imperial. Most of the cheaper spots are not what I'd call cozy though - plastic table cloths (if any!), and very high noise levels. (None of that bothers us - we're there for the food!)