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Sophisticated Seafood Dinner in Toronto for European Guests

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Any suggestions? They are going to Starfish tonight.

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    1. Starfish (which they're already going to) has really well-executed seafood dishes, and Chiado has really great grilled fish.

      1. Echoing the folks who have already posted Chiado, Joso's and Starfish are the best options.

        1. Scaramouche does great things with seafood, and definitely fits the bill for "sophisticated." They have a nice summertime pre-fixe seafood menu that can include matching sparkling wines.


          1. I'll throw Zee Grill into the mix, if you don't mind going a bit more uptown. Lovely all around.

            1. For real sophistication, why not head up to O' Mei in Richmond Hill and have the following:

              - Giant East Coast Lobster four ways
              - Steamed 'live' French Turbot with ginger, scallions and top soy.
              - Geoduck clams two ways
              - Live west coast spotted prawns
              - Honey glazed deep fried giant west coast oysters.....etc

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                I think Omei is a really good suggestion for people coming in from Europe. It will be prepared unlike anything they have ever had before. You can't really compare the best in Europe to the best in Toronto when it comes to seafood. One thing you can do is introduce them to a new experience so they can't even compare. Good suggestion Charles.