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Fried dough, Connecticut style...

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My friend is craving CT style fried dough. Is there any place in NYC where you can get this?
Now I'm curious too!


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  1. I know it as Pizza Fritta, you can probably find it at an Italian Feast
    The San Gennero Feast in 9/10-9/20 this year

    They also have the Ferragusto Festa in the Bronx on Arthur Ave on 9/13
    I know they have it there.

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      Oh, oh, oh... I've been craving "pizza frite" (as my grandmother called it) for ages - ! It's been years. Decades.

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          It's very easy to make, we still do it occasionally, you can buy dough at a local pizza shop (or even at the grocery store) ,stretch it out and fry in oil. Top it with Sauce cheese.
          Don't wait Do it Tonight!!!!!