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Aug 24, 2009 01:06 PM

Searching for a great Thanksgiving Dinner in Western Mass or Southern Vermont

Hi all! My family will be visiting my sister in Northampton over Thanksgiving and we are looking for a great place to have Thanksgiving dinner. We are willing to travel throughout Western Mass and into Southern Vermont for a really great meal- especially with great local ingredients and cozy atmosphere.

Any ideas?


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  1. The Putney Inn in Putney, Vt has excellent food. Their turkey is excellent. It is all natural and locally raised and all their vegetables are locally grown as well. I think you'll love their environment too. I took my mother their for mother's day this year and I had the turkey dinner so I know it's good. I'll give you the link so that you can check it out for yourself. It's about 20 miles from the MA/VT border.

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      The Hermitage Inn in West Dover, VT

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        We ate here recently and although the food was "different" the prices were outrageous for the quality of the food.
        The ambiance was nothing to brag about either.
        We thought the Hermitage had much better food and ambiance when Jim McGovern ran the place many years ago.
        The atmosphere is much more formal than it used to be so "the "coziness" you are looking for is lacking here as well.
        I think the Inn at Sawmill Farms is a much better bet for ambiance ,comfort,friendliness, and quality of the food.
        Neither place is inexpensive but I think you'll find more of what your said you were looking for at the Inn at Sawmill Farms.JMO---

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          Sorry but McGovern's food was always so so. Toward the latter part of his ownership of the Hermitage he let it slip into disrepair and I for one got sick and tired of stepping in between the bird poop from all his "fowl" walking around.
          I agree with your rec of the Sawmill Farm although in recent years it seems to have slipped down a notch or two.

      2. It's been some years, but The Newfane Inn in Newfane may fit the bill.

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          I agree that the Newfane Inn may fit your bill as well.
          The food is first-class with the same owners for decades.

        2. Thanks everyone! I will look into these places and report back. I really appreciate your help.

          1. Definitely concur with the Newfane Inn or the Putney Inn!

            An added bonus would be if it snows. Newfane is just about the nicest looking snowy village around. (Putney, too, but the inn there is not so picturesquely positioned.)

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              Good point Dedicated Fresser regarding locale. Putney Inn is right off the Interstate, so even though you don't notice while eating, it is a bummer to walk out after a nice meal and not see typical New England buildings and all that stuff.

              I bet there is something nestled up in the Hill Country. I just don't know what.

            2. So many great VT recommendations! anyone have any ideas for Western Mass? I have shared some of these ideas with the family, but they seem to be interested in exploring the area around Northampton and further west more than I had originally thought. Something like the Red Lion Inn (which I have read some pretty mixed reviews about recently). Any suggestions?

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                We recently had a delightful experience at the Deerfield Inn, in Deerfied, Mass. The Inn is located in historic Deerfield, which is a mix of private residences and restored colonial homes that can be toured, along with museums, etc. The Deerfield Academy is also there. The setting couldn't be more lovely.

                We stayed overnight and had dinner and breakfast at the Inn. The food was wonderful, with a focus on local/organic ingredients. My husband had a lobster napoleon; beautiful poached lobster layered with fresh spinich pasta and a creamy suace. I don't remember exactly what else was in it, but it was delicious. I had a proscuttio wrapped halibut special, also wonderful.

                For dessert, we had a maple indian pudding. I have said forever that the Student Prince in West Sprinfield has the best indian pudding anywhere, but this was right there. I would actually like to have them side by side, it was that good.

                The service for every aspect of our stay was outstanding. It is certainly worth considering if they offer the type of Thanksgiving dinner you are looking for.

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                  Sounds PERFECT! Thanks for the advice! I will let you know how it goes if we end up there for TG.