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Aug 24, 2009 01:01 PM

Perry Long's Lobster Shack, Surry, Me.

Just back from a glorious week in the Ellsworth area. We had lobster almost every night. Twice we picked up lobsters from Perry Long's that they'd cooked for us. They were the first lobsters of the trip. To my palate, the one I had was the tiniest bit overcooked, but I attribute that to the hold-over cooking while transporting them back to the house. Plus, I'm a pill about boiled lobsters. One day we went back for lobster rolls for lunch. They were excellent and I could eat only half of mine. Interesting that they were served on a Kaiser roll. VERY good, with plenty of lobster chunks. The kids wanted an ice cream sandwich for dessert; they're homemade there. This was a real winner. It looks like a Whoopie Pie, almost a meal in itself, and the ice cream is made from the milk of cows at a farm up the road. (I wanted a quart of that milk, and the Longs offered to have it delivered to the "Shack" for us. Next time!) The ice cream was so rich, it was yellow. The lobster shack is pretty much just that and it sits on the side of Newbury Neck Road, with stairs that lead to the town beach. We ate sitting on rocks on that beach, though I think I remember other seating nearby.The Long's are lovely people, who seem to delight in visiting with customers.

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  1. Sssshhhhhh! I know, it's great, isn't it?

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      Ooops! Sorry. And yes, we were grateful for the recommendation.

    2. Look our straight across the water and you can see our house. Yes, a special place. So small and not touristy.

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        Is Perry Long's in Ellsworth? We're headed to MDI this weekend. I'd love to check it out, and promise not to breathe a word to anyone! Thanks ~

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          Duh, I should pay more attention to the actual heading next time...sorry! We'll look for it in Surry.