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Aug 24, 2009 12:58 PM

Plaka - New(ish) Greek in Ballard

I heard about this place on Tuesdays in Ballard website, and stopped by this weekend -not on Tuesday ;)

Not an expert on authenticity, but the freshness and flavors were really good. The service was great; it is family run, and everyone was attentive and friendly. Felt like we were visiting rather than patrons.

We ate: good greek salad (fresh with a capital F) and nice sheeps milk feta, grilled octopus in citrus olive oil, steamed mussels, roasted leg of lamb w/ stewed romano beans, a meat stuffed eggplant, and a pasta w/ cheese for the kids. Pitas are warm, olives are good. We will be returning.

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  1. We had a similar positive experience at Plaka earlier this summer and will definitely plan to return there.