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Aug 24, 2009 12:46 PM

Chestnut recipes appropriate for summer?

I squirreled away three boxes of Trader Joes precooked chestnuts in my pantry, and I noticed they expire next month. I don't really feel right doing brussel sprouts right now, and I was never a big fan of sweet soups (although I'm willing to try anything that is strongly recommended). Any other suggestions on how I might kill these? Is there something lighter than a chestnut torte I could make?

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  1. I'm in Italy right now and recently bought "crema di marroni" (chestnut cream)...sort of like apple butter, I think, flavoured with vanilla. Sorry, I don't know a recipe for it but if you're interested, maybe you can search online for one?

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      Chestnut cream requires candied chestnuts (my very favorite thing ever), which are rather time and labor intensive to make. If you do go through the trouble of making candied chestnuts, I'd recommend eating them as is. I mean, La Maison du Chocolat charges something like $5 each, but chestnut cream can be purchased MUCH cheaper.

    2. What about green beans? I like this recipe w/ maple glazed chestnuts and haricots verts.

        1. I made a chestnut cake twice. Puréed chestnut folded into whipped cream.

          Just realized this is an old post but perhaps chestnut whipped cream will inspire someone