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Aug 24, 2009 12:19 PM

Fun Sweet Sixteen Party Idea

My daughter would like to have her sweet sixteen in new york city, and she needs ideas for fun, interesting, exciting restaurants (i.e. mars 2112 if she was younger) or venues for the party. It is going to be small, with about 5 16-yearolds and two adults. Price is in any range, but an upscale price range is better.

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  1. For something a little different, look into a cruise. I recently attended an event on Spirit Cruises that was wonderful. The boats have three levels to party on, a DJ/host, singing waitstaff (who provide the entertainment during the trip), a great buffet and marvelous views of New York and New Jersey along with factoids about each.

    The boat leaves from Manhattan's Chelsea Piers and travels to the Brooklyn Bridge and back. For sweet 16 parties, prices can begin at $31.90 per person for a lunch cruise for groups of 20 or more and $78.90 for dinner cruises for 20 plus guests. You must contact Spirit cruises for an accurate price quote for your event. One thing that could be seen as a drawback would be sharing the cruise with individuals having other celebrations if the sweet 16 guest list is small. However, the DJ does a great job of integrating announcements for all parties during the course of the cruise. As far as food is concerned, there are great buffet style options ranging from an Italian pasta salad (which has a magnificent tangy taste) to a sweet chocolate mousse truffle (in which the mousse is encased in a layer of chocolate). For those interested in a more elegant event, one can check out the Bateaux, which is Spirit's glass topped sister ship.

    1. You could go to Bowlmor lanes, it's really cool:
      However, you'd have to go way before 5pm as that is when it becomes 21 and over. However, they have chocolate fondue which is excellent.

      1. Dylan's Candy Bar - 1011 Third Ave., by Bloomingdale's

        Sweet 16 package (which accommodates approximately 30 individuals), the party girl receives customized invitations, candy themed decorations, a DJ, photographer, pizza, beverages, birthday cake and some may think best of all - a candy shopping spree!

        For an accurate price quote, contact Dylan's either through the above number or email them at