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Aug 24, 2009 11:45 AM

Looking for HELP w/ FUN and DELICIOUS place West Palm - Ft. Lauderdale

All ideas appreciated. Bride needs a fun night out for a bachlorette type party, too much stress, far too many sad events in her life lately so trying to help with a special dinner. I'd love a restaurant that would do something special - even a vist from the chef or anything along those lines. Would like to do Cafe Martorano but it's just too expensive unfortunately. It's for 12 friends and family, and just looking for a fun place with good food. Shouldn't be so hard huh!?!?!

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  1. I live in west palm, so I'll give you my thoughts on that only. Only a few places come to mind when I think fun (unfortunately). The first is Rocco's Tacos on Clematis St. The atmosphere is great. It's hip and trendy, but not pretentious and not stuffy. Great chips and guac, but everything else seems to be hit or miss food-wise. It's right in the heart of WPB nightlife, so if you're up for some drinks after, you can walk to a number of bars. My other suggestions seem fitting for your circumstance. I generally wouldn't rec CityPlace if it were strictly for food, but for a large group looking to have fun, it definitely works. For greek, try Taverna Opa (if you're closer to FTL, there's one there too). There's also a new place that just opened called Carousel Can Can Café. I haven't heard a thing as far as reviews but the concept is a french cicus for lack of better words - can can dancers (obviously), french maids, a carousel shaped bar, etc. The third suggestion, although not the same level of fun, IMO, is Saito's. It can be fun if you do the hibachi, as any of the chefs I've had have been fun and playful with a few tricks up their sleeves. All three restaurants at CityPlace are large and good at accomodating big groups, so you shouldn't have to wait as long as you may at Rocco's. There are also bars there if you feel like grabing a few drinks afterwards.

    1. Carousel Can Can Café. Sounds awesome!! All the other places were veteo'd by everyone, I think they've been there too many times for it to be special, I think the girls were hoping for south of West Palm. ANYONE else ever heard of this place?

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        check out downtown delray.. theres plenty of good places around there. dada, falcon house, cabana just to start.