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Aug 24, 2009 11:35 AM

Best surf n turf in LA?

Sweet, low-maintenance boyfriend's request for his birthday: steak with lobster tail, creamed spinach, and chocolate cake. Where's the best place to go? I love Morton's but would like to try somewhere now. Mastro's? The Palm? That new Wolfgang Z place? Please help!

PS - He's a little too down-to-earth for Cut - plus, the last time I had a surf n turf craving there, I had to order a whole lobster.


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  1. 1) Any budget ?

    2) Preferred area of L.A. ?

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    1. re: JBC

      price not a factor. we live near the hollywood bowl, so we'd like to stay east of the 405 -- bh, weho, hollywood, downtown, and even the closer parts of the valley are game.

      1. re: MelanieB

        The Palm is WeHo has their Lobster dinner for 2 special for $89 still going and let him order his steak of choice, lets guess $38, and then one dessert and your looking at $137.

        But this only works if your going to eat some Lobster as your entree.

        1. re: JBC

          just had the $89 dinner. it comes with two salads and one side. pretty good deal. the lobster is 4 lbs. and it's $12/more for 1 more pound. and - the west hollywood palm is much more intimate than the one downtown.

          fyi - they also have a filet deal that's like $50 for a salad, side, and 14 oz filet.

          1. re: dtud

            Actually the steak deal is only $39 and you can get a 14oz filet or a 16oz strip. Also, you can get their lobster bisque instead of a salad. Unlike the lobster deal, which allows for any side, it is a choice of one of only four sides (mashed potatoes, leaf spinach, half & half [essentially homemade potato chips and onion straws], or...was it green beans?). On the lobster deal, you can go up another lb for another $12, so a 6lb dinner would be $113 before tax and tip.

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