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Aug 24, 2009 11:11 AM

UWS Dinner Delivery (66th and Columbus), need rec's to add to our rotation

After moving to our current location on the UWS (66th and Columbus) at the beginning of the year, my husband and I are in need of new ideas for dinner delivery. I've searched the boards, but need specific rec's for places that will deliver to us (not all of the restaurants in the 70's, 80's or 90's on the west side will come down to us; not all restaurants in the 50's/9th ave come up to us).

Price and cuisine are not an issue - we eat everything and order from a range of price points all the time.

Some places we generally turn to include:

Saigon Grill
Earthen Oven
Seven's Turkish
Land Thai Kitchen
Wondee Siam (although when they are busy, they won't deliver to us - at 13 blocks we're 'too far away')
Pinch & S'mac
Patsy's (early evening, they will deliver!)
Landmarc and PJ Clarke's (although the quality for the price isn't always appealing)
Tenzan (although quality of food delivered is weakening)
Arte Cafe (although portion for price can be underwhelming)

Some places we're interested in trying, but haven't ordered from yet:

Chirping Chicken
Shun Lee
Brother Jimmy's
Fairway Cafe

Any input/ideas are appreciated! Thanks

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  1. Shun Lee Cafe is a winner in the hood

    1. if you have any other sushi options i'd definitely skip Haru. i've eaten at that location several times, and the fish *never* seemed fresh to me.

      have you tried Nanosh for Mediterranean?

      1. hi...i lived on 68th/CPW for six months...i moved out of the hood in no small part because i was so unhappy w/ the restaurants in the area...

        But i do love Cafe Ronda on Columbus/71st...not sure if they deliver, but it's a short walk to get takeway if they don't...great lamb meatballs, shepherd's salad, spinach sauteed w/ raisons/pinenuts...

        re: Earthen Oven, i think the food is better served at the restaurant than for delivery...while i like their spiciness (esp lamb vindaloo), their breads are awful, and it seems overpriced as a delivery option (ends up costing like 60 bucks for a fairly small amout of meat/fish/veggies for two)...

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        1. re: Simon

          Thanks all. We'll avoid Haru and try Nanoosh. Any particular dishes at Shun Lee Cafe? Is it the same menu as Shun Lee?

          Simon - lack of resto's in the 'hood is frustrating! We tried Cafe Ronda last weekend and although it was good, it was slightly underwhelming. Not sure if we ordered wrong - we got the lamb meatballs, calamari, empanadas, fries and seafood stuffed red pepper. Would go back to try more of the menu though.

          1. re: skgchow

            Sorry some of the Ronda stuff was underwhelming...actually, my very first meal there was a bit hit-or-miss too (i gave it a so-so initial review here), but i re-tried it and grew to love it...(normally, in NYC, unless there is an overwhelmingly good reason to do so, i don't give a restaurant a second chance, because there are so many new options to try...but after doing an unhappy circuit of the various other places in the hood, i finally settled on Ronda as my standby...i agree that their calamari is so-so...never had the is well-priced i think: i usually got the Malbec or the Rioja...lamb meatballs and sherpherd salad-or-sauteed-spinach are my go-to bar dishes there...

            Another place you might enjoy is Bar Bao...not for delivery, but nice for a drink and a snack...i sort of overdid it there for a month or two by going there very often and got tired of the food, but it's a fun place: upscale-loungey Vietnamese...due to the fact that i brought a Vietnamese pop star there one night and she sang a couple songs a capella for the restaurant, i actually got to try literally every dish on the menu...

            there's also West Branch: a bit of a frustrating place...nice bartenders but annoyingly smug servers/hostesses...tasty/rich but inconsistent comfort food...the fish&chips was awesome the first time; atrocious the next...but the seafood salad/ceviche is a winner...

            But back to your original request: i really didn't find any satisfactory delivery options...i can't tell you how many times i schlepped some food from Chinatown back home to reheat later instead of doing delivery...or how many other times i stormed hungrily out of my place at midnight and hopped the subway downtown to get a late dinner somewhere...if the trains/fates were working in my favor, i could get from 68th St to the bar at Scarpetta in about 25 minutes flat...*smiles*...

        2. While the hood stinks for delivery we do have good prepared food, rotisserie chicken from Citarella, so many choices behind the counter there and at fairway that you can reheat some decent stuff.

          1. You should definately try Chirping Chicken if you haven't yet - is one of our standbys. The chicken is usually very good, the fries (both regular and sweet potatoe) are decent and the delivery is very fast. I don't recommend much else there though, so have some backup sides at hand to round out the meal (we keep Fairway cole slaw in the freidge for this purpose. FWIW we think CC's is terrible).

            Also, would recommend avoiding Brother Jimmy's.

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            1. re: Almondine

              I used to do Chirping Chicken rather often when I first moved to the neighrborhood, but the chicken was frequently on the dry side. If I want rotisserie I now just pick it up from Fairway.

              Hummus Kitchen has really good hummus. You also live within the delivery boundaries for Szechuan Gourmet and Tehuitzingo for very good renditions of their separate cuisines. IF Fred & Pepper's delivers, I rather like their Chilean empanadas. The pizza is interesting, but not necessarily for everyone.

              1. re: JungMann

                I don't know how long its been since you tried CC, but it fell off our rotation list for a while a couple of years ago, when we also found it to be consistently too dry and underseasoned. But for the past 18 months or so we've never had a dud from there. In fact I've had it about three times in the past two weeks (I know I know ... BORING) and its been especially good lately. Even the next day. Maybe its time to give it another try? Also, can't beat that lightening fast delivery.

                FWIW, I personally don't like Fairway rotisserie chicken. Maybe I alwasy buy it too late in the day, but I find it really dry and tough from sitting under those heat lamps in their little plastic green houses all day long. I also think the quality of the chicken is not great. if I'm going to do rotisserie I think Citarella's chicken is better. They do smaller batches and have a higher turnover so the chicken doesn't sit around and I think its more moist and flavorful.

                Finally tried Pinch and Smac last night and was pleasantly surprised. For wat it is, I thought the arugula salad and a pizza was pretty good. Also agree Freddie Pepper's empanadas are a good bet. Pizza is also probably the best NY-type slice in the immediate nabe, but nothing special. They also deliver. Best are slices from Grandaisy, but they don't deliver and they close at 7.

                1. re: Almondine

                  I was also impressed with Pinch and Smac's arugula salad!

              2. re: Almondine

                I agree, definitely my stand-by for cheap and good food.