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Aug 24, 2009 11:09 AM

Great sushi in LItchfield CT

My quest for terrific sushi in the LItchfield Hills/metro Waterbury area has finally come to an end!

Our family went to Kawasaki (8 Village Green Drive) last Tuesday, and had sushi and sashimi so fresh and delicious that we went back on Saturday. The second time was as wonderful as the first.

It comes down to this: super-fresh tasting, high quality fish, expertly prepared and presented. We lived for many years in Fairfield County, home of some very good Japanese restaurants, and this outdid all of them for the sheer quality of the fish.

The waitstaff was also spot on - attentive without hovering.

In short, I hope this place will be around for many years.

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  1. On robiethecat's recommendation, we headed to Kawasaki while traveling through the Litchfield Hills today. One cat to another, I've gotta say--I don't know who you are, robiethecat, but I sure wish you'd post more often. THANK YOU for introducing us to Kawasaki. We don't get out to Litchfield very often, but how wonderful to know a sushi restaurant of this quality is there for the next time we go!

    We went for lunch and each had a salad to start, but more important than that: THE SUSHI! We shared two of the chef's special rolls—they were fresh, delicious and IMMENSE! The Kawasaki roll was excellent--spicy tuna, yellowtail, tempura crunch, snow crab meat and masago in a soybean paper roll. My guy proclaimed it to be among the top three rolls he’s ever had.

    t's a shame the battery in my camera needed to be charged, or I'd have evidence of these delicious rolls, simply brimming with sea creatures. I cannot think of a roll I’ve eaten quite so generously stuffed with fish as these. What a treat! Also, one of the waitresses kindly let me charge my battery so I could take plenty of pictures the rest of the day—so thank you to her as well for helping me to document a beautiful fall day!

    Our second roll was the love roll--spicy salmon with tempura crunch, asparagus, avocado in an iso seaweed wrap, topped with mango, masago and mango sauce. We were too full to eat anything more. Anyone heading out to Litchfield County, definitely put Kawasaki on your must-try list!

    1. I have been to kawasaki along with many other sushi places but,This one is REALLY good!! The food has always been excellent, prices are great, and even better is the service. The people are actually friendly they dont stand right on top of you but your never waiting.. HIGHLY recommended!!! And sure do hope they last too!