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Aug 24, 2009 11:02 AM

need a replacement for taverna dei fori imperiali in rome!

i tried to make reservations for the above restaurant for the first week of september and they said they are not yet sure if they will be open as they may be closing for renovations. can anyone recommend another restaurant as a back-up for me, in case they are closed? the other two nights we are eating at la taverna dei monti and glass hostaria!


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  1. there are scores of reccomendations on this board for Rome and maybe a dozen or two really popular , check it out via the search feature or even just the column on the right side of this page and you are likely to find a recc that appeals. Also you dont say what night of the week it is. which might help people target their replies.

    1. I reccomend you IL BOCCONCINO, not far from Colosseum. Not yet well known, it is really a great restaurant in Rome.Look at its website:

      1. La Piazzetta (vicolo del buon consiglio, 23) is a great alternative. Same general neighborhood as Taverna. We loved I'll cross my fingers that you get to enjoy it!!

        1. La Piazzetta was one of our favorites. Be sure to take advantage of the appetizer buffet. In the area we also loved Trattoria Luzzi on Via Di S. Giovanni In Laterano, 88 (just south of v. Labicana). We were in Rome for 8 nights and this is the only place we visited a second time. Fun, chaotic, Roman pizza. Probably the best meal I had on the trip was their amazing roasted lamb. Great sausage. Very reasonable. In January the place was packed and we were the only tourists.

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            we (group of 5) went to Tratt. Luzzi twice when we stayed in the neighborhood 3 yrs ago. Its inexpensive but the pizza was ordinary and and salads de minimis, not so good. Look around and see what people are ordering off the menu if you go - we saw some good looking whole fish and pasta in clam sauce - I had the latter and it was much better than any of the menu items we tried. I think Luzzo is mainly recommendable as a utility not as a choice for an excellent meal in Rome.