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Aug 24, 2009 10:58 AM

Epoch Restaurant Located In The Exeter Inn.. Exeter, NH

Has anyone had the chance to visit this little Gem??
If not I highly Recommend it ...


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  1. I stopped in for a couple of treats off their Nosh menu at the bar last night.

    blown away

    We had a couple of small sandwiches, one a braised beef cheek on rye, which was everything a reuben sandwich could hope to be. The second a ham and guyere sandwich with sunnyside local egg.......I'm not a breakfast for dinner guy, but it was the best breakfast sandwich I've ever had and I loved it at dinner.

    These were followed by simply braised pork belly with Frisee......melt in your mouth belly and perfectly balanced mustard vinaigrette for the greens. Then the Carmelized Onion and Braised Pork soup. It arrives to you looking like everyday French Onion soup, then you dig in and you think.......now this is what onion soup could really be.

    The chef is essentially hiding standard classics within cutting edge preparations showing that something simple can truly be extraordinary with a few minor ingredient and preparation tweaks.


    1. It really is exceedingly good. Other than the cooking is that this is one of the few restaurants that allows their diners to bring in their own wine, with an exceedingly reasonable $15.00 corkage fee. The service has also improved markedly.

      I believe the new chef, whose name I am forgetting, spent time as a sous chef at the French Laundry.

      A dramatic improvement for what once was the worst place to eat in Exeter. Highly recommended