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Aug 24, 2009 10:58 AM

Taqueria with handmade tortillas in San Francisco

I recently had an order of tacos at Taco Loco in Fortuna, up in Humboldt. [ ] It's a family operation: mom runs the register and keeps the books, kids and cousins in the kitchen, grandma makes the excellent meat or vegetarian tamales. If you're ever up in humboldt it's worth the stop.

But the tacos, which were spectacular, and made on handmade tortillas, have ruined my taste for factory-pressed tortillas; thus this cry for help.

Where in San Francisco (in the Mission if possible) can I find a taqueria that serves their fare on good handmade tortillas like grandma makes up in Fortuna? I know there are a couple of restaurants that do their own tortillas hechas a mano for sit-down meals, but what about taquerias?

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  1. la palma, on 24th street, east of harrison, forget the exact cross street

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      Not in SF but Tres Hermanas in Richmond makes fresh corn tortillas with every order.

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        La Palma is good, but I wouldn't call it a Taqueria. Its more like a grocery store, which also has take-out food, i.e. a "mexicatessen":

        La Palma Mexicatessen
        2884 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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          I tried La Palma "Mexicatessen" yesterday, thanks for the pointer. They make great tacos on handmade tortillas. Not much more expensive than at a good taqueria either - they were about 2.50 each. Still not an eat-in taqueria, so I will try a few of the other spots mentioned here.

        2. not exactly answering your question, because it's a sit-down restaurant, but Poc Chuc on 16th St. @ S. Van Ness has awesome tortillas. At lunch (and I think at dinner too?) you can order tacos - they are almost as cheap as most taquerias.

          1. Maya has a taqueria set up for the M-F lunch hour and there's an option to get handmade tortillas. Their tacos are quite good.
            Maya is in SOMA on 2nd between Harrison and Folsom.

            1. Chavas, on the east side of Mission St. between 24th and 25th.

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                Sorry, that's a sit-down place, just re-read and saw you were looking for taquerias.

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                  I like the handmade tortillas at Chava's, though I almost always get soup or breakfast. Not sure if I've ever ordered tacos from this place.

                  Not to start a side conversation, but what do you usually order over here?

                2. Los Gemelos in Redwood City makes fantastic tacos with handmade corn tortillas.

                  2855 Middlefield Rd, Redwood City, CA 94063-3326

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                    Poked my nose into Los Gemelos again, and they're still great.

                    The winner this trip was the Al Pastor, where the apporidilla wasn't as great as previous. With $1.00 small tacos, you can get the major meat categories for $5. What a great place.

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                      I love Los Gemelos, both the truck and the little restaurant with the taco window. The tortillas hechas a mano are thinner than most handmade tortillas with nice layering and aren't doughy. They seem to leave them on the flat top a little longer to get a little browning and slight crispiness to the surface. So wonderful to have these on buck tacos.

                      FWIW, so much better than the handmade tortilla taco at La Palma in SF.

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                        Are they making the handmade ones in the sit-down Middlefield Rd. location now? Formerly we found that only the truck on El Camino was...

                        1. re: RWCFoodie

                          Yes, I had tacos with handmade tortillas several times at the sit-down location. They also sell the handmade tortillas by the bag.