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Where to buy coffee(for home) W 20th between 8th & 9th

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SF hounds coming to NYC for a week and staying in apartment setting on W 20th. We need to find a good place to buy beans ground in the neighborhood? Suggestions please.

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  1. head to Chelsea Market, a mere 4 blocks south on 9th Ave. there are a number of shops & restaurants you can check out over there, and Manhattan Fruit Exchange sells whole bean coffee - just ask them to grind it for you.


    (Ninth Street Espresso is at the market as well, and they brew Intelligentsia coffee, but i don't know if you can buy the ground beans there.)

      1. Grumpy is on 20th between 8th and 9th and it's my favorite coffee. They sell ground beans so it's a perfect choice for you.