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Aug 24, 2009 10:33 AM

Searching for preserved lemon

Anyone know where I can buy some pre-made preserved lemon for when I get a last minute urge to cook Moroccan? Preferably within a short drive of Silverlake or Brentwood.

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  1. Surfas carries them, vacuum packed in the refridgerated section. It's easy enough to put up your own though. They are useable in a couple weeks though they get better with some age. I keep Myers and Eureka's preserved on hand.

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      Also, though it would take some serious Googling, I recall a recipe from Suzanne Goin for a "quick preserved lemon" that involved overnight freezing. This was approximately 10years ago but as I remember, the end result was more than adequate as a quick-fix...

    2. I have seen them at Whole foods sometimes.

      1. I find them routinely at Whole Foods, for some reason they put it in their olive bar section.

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          I've seen them at Whole Foods too-in a jar on top of the deli counter though

        2. I'm pretty sure they have them in jars at Bay Cities.