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Classic Fine Dining in SF for Honeymoon

So I have been perusing the boards for months for recommendations and I still am not feeling confident in where to make reservations for our honeymoon!

We are spending two nights in Calistoga before heading to SF for three nights at the end of October and we are hoping to book two nice dinner reservations in the city. I am much more of a foodie than my fiancé…he is drawn to the more classic steakhouse types restaurants. To appeal to both of us, we want to find one fine dining experience that is a more classic restaurant and will also book a dinner for someplace a little more, shall I say trendy (looking at Spruce, Bar Tartine, & Range currently).

I feel like we have quite a few options for the latter, but I am really struggling with where to go for more classic fine dining. Solid, delicious food that doesn’t try to be unique just for the sake of being unique…

Any thoughts would be much appreciated...Thank you!

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  1. When you say use words like "solid," "delicious" and "classic" my first thought is Boulevard.

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      Acquerello and La Folie are other possibilities for fine dining without surprises...


    2. Alfred's is a classic steakhouse and a local institution.


      1. Though it wouldn't be my personal choice, Gary Danko would probably please both of you.

        1. If you want fairly classic in the service and decor then I'd definitely go to The Dinning Room at the Ritz Carlton. The food may not be totally classic but they may work with you on some things.

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            A 2nd on the Ritz. I'd be surprised if they didn't have a steak or some kind of beef isn't on the menu, along with the more foodie items.

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              The only beef on the sample menu is an appetizer, grilled Kobe with mirin-scented japanese rice, daikon steak, scallions, and yuzu-honey essence.


          2. you might want to consider fleur de lys. it's been some time since i've been there but i think it qualifies as "traditional fine dining."

            chef keller seems to be enjoying a bit of a renaissance thanks to recent tv exposure. he deserves it.

            here's a link so you can check out the menu:


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              That man can cook! I loved him on Top Chef masters...but the restaurant didn't seem to rate quite as high on here as others. The menu does sound wonderful though! Thanks.

            2. Thanks for the help...think I am at least down to picking two from a list of four..The Ritz, Alfred's, Spruce, & Fleur de Lys.

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                My vote is for Fleur de Lys. Gorgeous dining room, outstanding food. Attention to detail is spot on. Caviar is wonderful.

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                  I haven't eaten there but I was about to say the same. Michael Bauer (SF Chronicle critic) wrote once about how he gave his niece a wedding present of a meal there during her SF honeymoon.

                  If you watched Top Chef Masters, you may remember Hubert Keller is the chef.

                  Fleur De Lys
                  777 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94109

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                    That honeymoon gift was around 20 years ago:


                    In 2007, Bauer wrote a review titled "Acclaimed Fleur de Lys loses a little magic," knocked it down from four stars to three, and dropped it from his top 100 list.


              2. For classic, I would go with either Fleur de Lys (romantic), La Folie (classic French), Gary Danko (my personal favorite, although many disagree), or the Ritz Carlton dining room (one of the most refined restaurants in San Francisco). For trendy consider Coi or Range.

                1. No one mentions them so I will. Give Masa's a try! A long time classic in San Francisco and the best tasting menu I've had since my first Manresa meal. Romantic room Great staff and glorious food.

                  1. Thanks for all the input…had the fiance review the menus and he picked Alfred’s for classic & Spruce for something more interesting…that will work for me in terms of compromise, so I think we’ll try those and see how it goes!