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Aug 24, 2009 09:15 AM

Toddler-friendly in Federal Hill?

I'd love to know where you like to eat with your kids. I'm looking for more places within walking distance (which for me stretches to Harbor East on a good day) with highchairs, waiter service and delicious food (preferably not heavy or greasy, not so big on pub food). We don't need a kid's menu -- just a welcoming attitude toward the occasional banging spoon. Our favorites without our 1-year-old -- Ryleigh's, Matsuri, Thai Arroy, Taverna Corvino -- aren't quite as appealing with him, and I'd love some new suggestions.

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  1. Sobo Cafe, Regi's, Wine Market, Metropolitan

    1. Lebanese Taverna had a kids menu, ans La Tavola in Little Italy is happy to see kids. In my experience, with a few exceptions, most restaurants are fine with kids (including Wine Market), as long as you follow two rules

      1) Go early (5:30 dinner anyone)
      2) Tip big- kids don't eat entres' and leave messes

      Most restaurants downtown don't want to see your (or my) kids at 7:30 on Friday. At 5:30 Tuesday however.....

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        Folks, please help us keep this thread focused on sharing useful information about which restaurants may be toddler friendly. We'd like to avoid opinions about dining out with children, as it's a polarizing issues that past experience has shown us leads to heated and increasingly nasty discussions.

        1. re: The Chowhound Team

          Most restaurants have high chairs and at least some form of food on the menu that would be appropriate for children, so the basics of "toddler friendly" are there almost anywhere one might go these days. Perhaps the more targeted question is which restaurants are not "toddler friendly"? That list might be shorter, and much easier to define. Lack of high chair? Then the rest is clearly a non-starter.

          It's not a matter of dining out with children being an all or nothing issue. It's a matter of behavior of the dining party, no matter what the age or other demographics.

          To demostrate, change "toddler" to "softball team" Which places are "softball team friendly"? The answer is pretty much "it depends on the softball team!" If they get drunk, trash the place, and disrupt the dining experience of others, they are likely to not be welcome. If they behave boisterously, but with consideration for other diners and within the bounds of propriety, they will likely be as welcome as any other large group, except perhaps at a place like the Prime Rib that has a "jacket required" dress code.

          "Toddler friendly" seems an artificial distinction.

      2. I would suggest Tabrizi's. If you dine outside your child can be a bit rambunctious and not disturb others. On several occassions while dining there, I saw families with their youngsters. The staff seemed very accommodating.

        As "gusshane" recommended, and I agree, go earlier in the evening and/or on a weekday. FoiGras