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Aug 24, 2009 08:54 AM

Food delivery for the disabled

I'm looking for a service to deliver fresh, healthy food to my disabled husband while I'm out of Boston for two weeks in September. His palate is pretty sophisticated, so I'm searching for something other than bland Meals on Wheels-type service. "Cooking from the Heart," which delivers fresh food once a week to the greater Boston area, might be a possibility. Has anyone utilized this service? If so, how was the quality, healthiness, taste, ease of preparation? I'd also consider bringing someone in once a day to prepare food for my husband. Does anyone know of a reputable chef who does this for shut-ins on a temporary basis with less-than-sky-high prices?

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  1. I have nothing concrete to suggest, but just wanted to throw out the possibility of hiring a student from culinary school, for a reasonable rate. This might be the sort of thing these people do to pick up some extra cash while they are in training.

    Roche Brothers has their own online ordering and delivery, with their instore kitchen-prepared meals available. I have used them for stocking up and have nothing but praise for the ease and specificity of ordering, and the quality of their service.

    1. Thanks for the tips! I think I'll try out Cooking from the Heart next week and stop by Roche Bros. to check out their prepared meals. If that doesn't work out, I'll think about the culinary school student suggestion. Boston should be a good place to find someone, I'd guess.

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        Community Servings is a non-profit group that provides meals for the ill. Originally set up for aids patients and their families they now have a much wider calling. I would contact them, if they are not the right service for you they may have other suggestions. They are located in JP...

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          This is exactly who I was going to suggest. I don't know how tasty their food is, but they do take into account religious preferences, special diets, etc. and their food is made fresh daily. I think your husband would have to demonstrate need - but as gardgen says, if Community Servings isn't the right fit, they'd be hooked into the network. Good luck!

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            Neither my husband nor I has ever heard about Community Servings, so many thanks for this suggestion, both of you! I'll look into this service tomorrow. Really appreciate your postings...

      2. I've had meals from Cooking from the Heart and they were pretty good. Their soups were especially tasty. Their meals have a very homemade like mom or grandmom-used-to-make feel to them. Their chicken dishes were sometimes inconsistent and not as flavorful than their vegetarian dishes. It's a great service though.

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          Glad to hear that someone has tried their wares... We'll be experimenting next week with an introductory order, which will be useful later in the month when I'm out of town. I'll let everyone know how it goes... thx!

        2. Why not ask/appeal directly to people who read this board to do it themselves? Personally speaking I would consider it if I could manage it along with the other mouths I have to feed, my job and other obligations. Feel free to contact me. Depends on your location and exact needs.
          Or use this opportunity to connect with a neighbor or friend. Belong to a church? Live near one? They may be accustomed to doing just this.
          Have a "soup kitchen" near by? The one I cook at ( in Cambridge) once a month has able people pick up for the disabled.
          Have a disabilties commission in your city?
          If you are considering a culinary student ( I like this idea) include Le Cordone Blu in Cambridge.
          I can also help identify an unemployed person who may love the opportunity.

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            Thanks to all of you for sharing so many helpful suggestions! I'm in the process of narrowing down the possibilities now. My husband has ordered a week's worth of fresh food from Cooking from the Heart for next week, so we can evaluate the quality, ease of delivery (the delivery person will actually place it in our frig), ease of ordering (quick, simple fax/email). And I'm interviewing home-care professionals for short daily visits for meal prep (to include fresh fruits/veggies), light housekeeping, etc. I'll report back on our experience in case this helps others.

          2. If you do decide to try to put together a support group of friends, chowhound-friends-you-haven't-met-yet, relatives, etc, this free web site can make it actually work.


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              Again, I had no idea that this website existed. What an amazing concept! Thanks for sharing it with me. I'll forward the link to a group of friends caring for disabled and elderly family members around the country. Hope your posting is also helpful to other Chowhounds!