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Aug 24, 2009 08:47 AM


We went to Fab for dogs on Saturday and although at 12:30 business was brisk, it was not the insanity that it was previously. To the point. Brooklyn Pizzeria next door has a banner proclaiming a free slice if you bring in your hotdog receipt (same day only). Cheese slices, and even better because they're free. Susie at Fab offers (if asked) receipts from other customers so we got 2 slices. A great deal. The pizza joint finally woke up and figured a way to capitalize on the new-found popularity of Fab, and to get customers into their place, where they will be hooked. It may not last long so get those fre slices!

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  1. They started this last Sunday ... and I think I might have played a role in it. After having my delicious Fab dog, tots, and a drink, I was walking back around to the parking lot when I saw them looking out the window agape at the crowds (it was NUTS last Sunday).

    I went in an ordered a slice, told them what was going on and why it was so crazy next door, and he took a pie out and started passing out free slices. I was MILDLY bummed I didn't get a free one, but in truth the pie wasn't good enough to warrant any jealousy or frustration on my part.

    Good to see now he's combining it with a receipt from Fabs.

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      Agreed that their plain cheese is pretty, well, plain, but our slices were huge, piping hot and with crushed red pepper were pretty tasty (for free pizza after consuming more than our share of dogs). Hero was in line at Fab right in front of us and ordered 11 (!) bacon wrapped dogs and ate every one. Now that's impressive.

    2. I got to try Brooklyn Pizza a couple weeks ago. Timed it as a fresh pie was about to come out of the oven, and got my two slices off of it. Overall, an authentic NY style pizza, but still I prefer Joe's. The dough wasn't salted enough, it tasted bland. I guess that's my nitpick about their product.

      What I do like about Brooklyn's pizza: the pies are baked directly on the stone, which gives the bottom of the crust some nice charred spots. Too many pizzerias use mesh screens to make handling the raw dough easier for the pizza maker. Screens make good business sense if a shop owner hires a constantly rotating crew of high school kids. A serious pizzaiolo, like the guy at Brooklyn, don't need no stinking screen.