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Driving Hwy 72 east from Memphis thru Corinth, Muscle Shoals, Decatur, Huntsville, Scottsboro and S. Pittsburgh

Are there any places that I shouldn't miss once I get out of Memphis?

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  1. Yes! There's a great donut shop in Muscle Shoals - they don't fill the donuts until you order them. There's also a great little place called Trobridge's on the square in Florence - it's an old soda fountain with great pimento cheese, hot dogs and milk shakes. In Decatur, there's Big Bob Gibson's - you have to try the chicken with the white sauce - it's a completely different BBQ experience. I don't know about food in Scottsboro, but there is the unclaimed baggage store - that's worth stopping and having a look. As far as South Pittsburgh, my favorite place is the Dixie Freeze - try their Dagwood and a malt. And then you have to go to the Lodge Factory Store for some great prices on cast iron skillets and everything else.

    1. Pretty good burger/shake in Walnut, MS that's become a major stop for Memphians going to Pickwick apparently. Can't remember the name of it but you can't miss it. On the south side of the road. Big gravel parking lot.

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        If you make the trip again, just to be different, check out JT's for Mediterranean food in Corinth, MS. It's a little road side place next to Arby's and across from McD's on Hwy 72 a few miles east of the Hwy 45 junction. Sharwarma, kabobs, gyros and the like. They don't have a dining room so prepare to order and wait in the car for a while as they make most everything fresh to order.

      2. Try Bob Gibson's barbecue in Decatur 1713 6th Ave. SE. Among other things, try some of the white sauce on some barbecued chicken. If you can't wait, or if you can have two lunches, stop at Bunyan's barbecue on College in Florence, across the river from Muscle Shoals. Have some of the hot slaw

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          In Scottsboro, you might try the Tomato Pie at either Carlisle's or Blue Willow Bistro. or both. In Huntsville, Mullins' Drive In is supposed to have great deviled eggs

        2. The Rib Shack @ 920 Old Hwy. 72 E. Corinth, MS. 662 - 284 - 4646. *


          Big Bob Gibson's @ 1715 6th Ave. SE, Decatur, AL. 256 - 350 - 6969.


          Lawler's BBQ Express @ 5004 Whitesburg Dr. South, Huntsville, AL. 256 - 880 - 1286.

          Several Locations...........


          Smokehouse Restaurant @ 350 The Bridge St., Suite 124, Huntsville, AL. 256 - 799 - 0300. *


          1. Abe's in Corinth. Oldest family owned diner on 72. Breakfast is great (3 kinds of gravy for your homemade biscuits- regular white, sawmill and redeye. Wonderful ribeye sandwiches and burgers too!

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              I'll have to second Clarkafella's rec of Abe's, and add that their pork tenderloin on a biscuit makes a mighty tasty breakfast, too.

            2. Big Bob's in Decatur is an institution. They invented white bbq or Alabama white sauce. Certainly worth a try.
              I've been trying to wrangle the whole family up for a trip to Mr. Crite's in Athens. I've heard it's fantatic bbq. Perhaps someone else can comment on that.

              In Huntsville you might want to try Dreamland (http://davwudsfoodcourt.blogspot.com/...) for bbq. We make a point of visiting every trip. Also, a new place on 72 east of town is called Alabama Crawfish Company and Restaurant (I'll post a blog entry soon). We went there on our last trip and it was awesome.

              I have to agree with the Dixie Freeze in S. Pittsburg. Make sure you have some pie for desert. And yes, visit the Lodge factory outlet. Just make sure you check times for their hours.


              1. Too late for the OP, but perhaps useful to someone else: In Huntsville for a meat-n-three, try the Blue Plate Cafe on Governor's Drive. The Po-Boy Factory on Andrew Jackson has good shrimp po-boys and boiled crawfish, in season. Mezza Luna on Carl T. Jones is a bit more upscale, but very good food.

                Mezza Luna
                2724 Carl T Jones Dr SE, Huntsville, AL 35802

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                  Try the po boys at Alabama Crawfish Co.