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Aug 24, 2009 08:25 AM

Las Vegas - 3 nights - 40th bday in Sept - Input, please

Hi everyone,

5 of us (ladies!) who turn 40 this year are meeting in LV at end of Sept for 3 nights. We are staying at the Wynn. We are all foodies and they have put the restaurant reservations in my hands. Would love any input on the places below. We dont want anything too "young" (ie 20 yr olds), but want a fun atmosphere with great food. Steakhouse one night, bistro/brasserie another night and the third, we are open. A few of the girls suggested TAO (which I have been to alot here in NY), but am wondering what Italian places would you recommend if we dont do Tao. Fiamma? Rao?

1) CUT (someone suggested N9ne ?, but I have been to CUT in LA and LOVED it.
2) Bouchon or Daniel Boulud? ( I live in NYC, so I get alot of DB!)
3) Tao (?) or Italian

Also, does anyone have any feedback on the restaurants at the Wynn Hotel?

Someone suggested MIX for drinks one night---how is the atmosphere there?

Many thanks from NYC.

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  1. Sinatra in Encore is excellent , IMHO one of best italian in Las Vegas. Even though Tao is a good spot and good food, not sure why you would want to go as you have one in NYC.

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      Thanks, LVI. Appreciate it much. TAO is definitely not my suggestion or preference. The others dont live in NY and have not been to a TAO before. I am pushing for Italian! Thanks again.