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Aug 24, 2009 08:16 AM

Bermuda - please help, leaving in 3 days


My husband surprised me this morning with a trip to Bermuda....we 3 days! Things are crazy at work, so as much I would love to pour through posts on this board and do other research (like I normally do) for restaraunt recs our lack of time will not allow it.

Is there any way someone can give me a couple of good recs? We are staying at The Fairmont Southhampton. We'd like to stay there one night for dinner and then maybe have a couple of options in Hamilton and a maybe one other amazing place that its worth taxi-ing to somewhere on the island. We like anything and everything. Only stitch is my husband would love to get away without packing a sportscoat. Likely the extent of our "fancy" wardrobe will be khakis and a button down for him and a nice cotton dress or sundress for me.


Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance!

Also, should we make reservations at any of these places or just show up?

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  1. OK, so you need a great place worth taxi-ing to where casual dress is acceptable. Sounds like Blackbeard's Hideout to me! It's in St. George's, just up the hill from St. Catherine's Beach. Casual open-air bar/restaurant with some of the best views on the island. Time it so you're there for the sunset. Great place to sip a Dark n Stormy, and the food is GREAT. If rockfish is on the menu, order it. Be sure to start with the Bermuda fish chowder---don't forget to add the sherry pepper sauce and Black Seal rum to it.
    We also like Blackbeard's for lunch. If you want to make a day of it in St. George's, you can take the bus or ferry from Hamilton. Walk around the quaint town, then walk up the hill (or take the shuttle bus) to snorkle at Tobacco Bay, St. Catherine's, or Achilles Bay (just down the steps from Blackbeard's). Or, visit Fort St. Catherine's, also near Blackbeard's. Blackbeard's has very nice changing facilities, but you won't be out of place for lunch there in shorts. The chowder is available at lunch, and they have several great salads and such to choose from. Have a great time!

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      We visit Bermuda every December on our anniversary. Have never had luck finding BB open . Is it open in December or do we just always seem to go when its closed?

    2. I second Anne's suggestion as to Blackbeard's for dinner. The sunset is spectacular out there and the food is decent. I'd suggest heading out to St.George's during the day, catch a ferry or bus up there and spend the afternoon at the beach or sightseeing and then dinner at Blackbeard's, catch a cab back to the hotel.

      Shae...I think it is closed during the winter unfortunately.

      Dining at the Southampton, options are Waterlot which is a steakhouse, Bacci's which is Italian and Ocean Club which is fusion seafood. Ocean Club has the best views being down by the waterside but for that, I'd actually wander next door to the Reefs hotel and go to Coconuts (?) which has way better views of the beach.

      Options in you have any preference on types of food & a budget? I ask ahead of time as Bermuda dining prices tend to give even the most seasoned traveller sticker shock.

      If you're around on Friday evening, happy hour crowds make it a very lively atmosphere. The Fairmont Hamilton Princess, Lemon Tree (in Hamilton) and Newstead Hotel do outdoor happy hours, good for basics like beer, wine and highballs. For cocktails, check out Harry's in town (next to Miles Market) for wonderful cocktails. Their bar menu is quite good as well for a lighter meal that won't kill the pocket book.