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Aug 24, 2009 07:50 AM


Does anyone know where I can find paneer (indian cheese) in DC? Obviously, you can get it cooked at Indian restaurants, but I'm looking for plain, uncooked paneer to use at home.


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  1. I think the reason you might have difficulty finding it is that is usually made at home. A friend of mine makes his, as do some of my Indian workmates. All it requires is milk, lemon juice (or other acid), and cheese cloth. I would think any store-bought paneer might have other things in it to help give it a long shelf life. Googling "how to make paneer" gives you lots of sites. Here's one:

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      Agreed. I am not a hardcore home cook and suggestions of "Gah, just make your own!" usually go in one ear and out the other for me, but paneer is so, so easy and probably less hassle than driving to kingdom come to buy it somewhere.

      PS, I learned how to make paneer from an Arlington County adult ed Indian cooking class that I recommend very highly!

    2. I'm sure homemade is best, but I've seen it at whole foods in the cheese section near the other soft big cheese (not the gourmet case, but with ricotta, farmers cheese, etc)

      1. Does the store have to be in DC? If not, then I'm sure any Indian grocery store will have it in the refrigerator or freezer case. In particular, we have purchased plain paneer and fried paneer cubes at the Dana Bazaar on Nebel St. in Rockville, about a mile from the White Flint metro stn.

        1. it is quite easy to make. my first try I was shooting for Mozzarella and ended up with Paneer/Ricotta (good stuff, just not my goal)

          1. If your local supermarket carries hispanic foods, look in the dairy case for Queso seems to be practically the same thing as Paneer, and certainly works very well as a substitute in a pinch.