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Aug 24, 2009 07:37 AM

Ola - Orange CT finally has website (with pics)

Just thought I'd pass this on. Finally their own website. I went again this past Saturday and sat downstairs this time with some family and two kids--age 7 and 1--good restaurant kids. Downstairs definitely has more atmosphere than up, although up is fine too. The owner (one of the guatemalen brothers) was so nice. And the service was top-notch compared to the last time we were there where timing of service was a little fast. So attentive. They made you feel so completely welcome and, although no specific kid menu, made cheese quesadilla for my older son and a beautifully grilled chicken breast and gorgeous veggies for my toddler--just as nicely presented as the grown-up food. OMG, the food is still so delicious. I have to find the time to download the picture I took of my paella from my last visit. My mom and sister had the oyster appetizer over mofungo that they enjoyed. My niece and I both had the incredible beet salad (second time for me) that is the best I have ever had and presented beautifully. My mom had the ribs that she loved and said fell off the bone (sorry to all you Q lovers who hate that), my sister and I both had regular paella (I had to get it again); so flavorful and nice that it is made for one. My other sister had tilapia that she said was great and my niece had whole red snapper--funny thing here was that the server asked her if she wanted it with or without the head. She said without (chicken). We were all teasing her to leave it on so the kids could get a kick out of it. When it came, the kitchen forgot to cut it off. The waitress felt bad and wanted to take it right back; we just kept it, so we all had a fun time looking at it staring at my son! There is somethign about this place. They just make you feel so at home and welcome and the food, well, I cannot say enough that hasn't already been said by so many other's on here. So glad they took over the whole place and dropped the Martini from their name and cleaned up the downstairs. Prices are great. Food is better. We were there by 6:30 and by 7:00, the place was packed solid.

Here's the new site; a feast for your eyes:

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  1. Thanks a lot for this - every time I go to Wasabi (next door) I wonder if I should really try this place. Next time, I will.

    1. We were just there Aug 11. The downstairs definitely is nicer than upstairs. It has a hip urban feel to it now. The food is still tastes fantastic and it is presented beautifully.

      Within 2 weeks of each other (due to Birthday celebrations), we went to both Bistro Basque and Ole. Though Bistro is very good and we will go back, Ole is our favorite place in the Milford area right now. Unfortunately with our budget, Ole (and Bistro) is a little expensive for us to go frequently. We save it for birthdays, anniversarys and other special occasions.

      Our favorite top 5 in the Milford area (within 15-20 min) currently are:
      1. Ole - Orange
      2. Bistro Basque - Milford
      3. Sushi Palace - Hamden
      4. Lao Szechuan - Milford
      5. Roseland Appiza - Derby

      1. We went here last night for dinner. We got there just before 9pm and the place was jamming. They had a guy playing a guiar and keyboards and a woman singing "The Girl from Ipanema" just as we walked in. I knew I would like this place just because of the music. To sum it up short we both enjoyed the paella and a skirt steak tierra and tres leche cake for dessert(they did a bananna spin on it). We will definitely be going back very soon.

        1. and now they also have their own very favorable review in the Times:

          Love this place.

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            Good for them! Thanks for sharing.

          2. A big "Hola" to to the fantastic 'Ola' as they'll now have a firm place in "our" rotation...and my own when I spontaneously sneak off there without telling ANY one. :) . So glad we finally went to see how they took over and transformed the newer downstairs space. DO be sure to see their site where many of the menu offerings are pictured and to watch the YouTube video on the main page to see footage of both food and decor.

            Won't say much more about the decor than what is visible in various articles and on their site but the dining room is as attractive as the dishes that follow. We were seated past the bar and off to the left along a far wall with two-tops where there was about three tables that had upholstered armchairs that would soon dictate the mood of the evening as they were almost TOO comfortable! You can see them placed elsewhere in the restaurant in Images 12 and 14 of the photo gallery of the NH Advocate article link below(they're the light burgundy chairs on the right in both shots).

            We're usually not swayed from digging right into wine but we talked ourselves into getting cocktails to start while taking on the menu. It was easy for me to go this route when I quickly realized the drinks were as attractive and tempting as several of the female staff. Yeah, I'm sure my co-pilot would appreciate that one but aaaaanyway...ahem, sorry for the digression ;) . Despite the first messy weather of December we had a 'Mojito Classico' and a 'White Sangria' which helped us settle in and appreciate the setting they so beautifully created. My dining companion soon started to slumber and get comfy in her chair while I sat upright and proud in mine like 'Borat' in the hotel scene of his movie: "King in the castle, king in the castle. I have a chair...king in the castle"(of course, instead of his "ooh-la-la" it was now "Ola-la").

            Among the three appetizers we shared were the 'Empanadas de Carne' filled with sirloin picadillo, roasted pepper, shitake mushroom, and served with a mint mojo. The empanadas were bursting with such flavor that I instead took the accompanying mint mojo and spread it on the toasty warm and perfectly sized roll that we each were given when initially brought to the table(they also provided an enjoyable sun dried tomato and olive oil concoction for the bread as well). The 'Quezadilla de Langosta' found lobster and avocado melding nicely in Ola's own "quezadilla" creation along with chipotle crème fraîche. The 'Ostras con Mofungo' had crisped white corn meal coated Blue Point oysters with mofungo, saffron, and a citrus salsita. A touch less salsita would have sufficed but it did not take away from their enjoyment at all. After a few "ohh" and "ahhs" our conversation was a good and very content "Chow-heaven" way. :)

            We switched to wine through the meal from a reasonable and focused list(chosen with emphasis on Spain/Chile/Argentina). The list wasn't necessarily big in size but a good representation of those areas and was most importantly by-the-glass "friendly" with plenty of options. My co-pilot stuck with a lovely and fragrant Verdejo for her glasses and I sampled two different Tempranillos.

            Patient pacing of the meal and ideal timing was encouraged and appreciated as we eventually ordered one of two 'Paella' dishes on the menu as well as the 'El Dorado'. The latter was a red beet and plantain coated Mahi-Mahi dish served with a tamarind and caper "tartar-aioli" and a “Guatemalan fufu"(pancetta, braised Spanish onions and ripe plantain puree). The 'Paella' was striking in appearance AND taste as it had diver scallop, shrimp, mussels, clams, chorizo, corn, and saffron rice but was distinguished by Ola's delicate, flavorful, and tastefully incorporated braised tomato and roasted garlic sauce. The restaurant's own site picture of the 'Paella' doesn't do the dish justice but you'll get the idea when seeing their other option, the 'Black Paella', pictured in the Advocate gallery below. My reposed and tranquil co-pilot declared her dish the winner of the two but she somehow still convinced me later that evening to let her keep the rest of mine! So what does that tell ya?!? Besides how foolish I am it says that it too was quite good. I certainly felt outwitted the next day though when looking at my own empty fridge knowing she was SO much better off than I. :)

            Considering all the food, dessert only consisted of me ordering a Sherry which was pleasingly dry and full bodied and then gradually coaxing my dining companion into giving up her new favorite chair(at least for this night).

            Now just simply called 'Ola Restaurant' sure to see the full 15 image photo gallery in this NH Advocate article(click on right side of each image to continue through them all):

            Will you too do this in those comfy 'Ola' chairs?: