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Aug 24, 2009 07:37 AM

Joe Muers Reunion - Detroit

John Bommarito (former waiter at Joe Muers Restaurant) is trying to organize a reunion for Joe's on the anniversary of their 80th year (October 30, 2009). The party is open to all employees and any customers that want to attend. The food details have not been totally worked out but it looks like it is going to be around $25-30 per person with a cash bar. The festivities are going to be held at the Italian American Cultural Center in Clinton Township (Romeo Plank south of Hall Road) where John is the manager. If you are interested, contact John or Jeff Lefevre (another former waiter) who also works there part time.

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  1. will they be serving the white bean salad, cole slaw, and seared salmon with carmelized capers in parsley butter sauce? - all my favorites.

    1. My mom would LOVE to come to the reunion! She & my dad would go to dinner there every Friday, and Fraiser would take care of them. Is he still around? My parents would take us kids as a special treat, and we would get the stuffed flounder. Mmmmmm, I can taste the delicate crab filling right now. (Those white beans were a big hit in our family, too!) We really miss the restaurant. What a wonderful idea for the reunion. Please keep all of us loyal followers in the loop as to how the plans are progressing. Thanks tons!

      1. Latest update -

        Joe Muer’s Oyster House
        80th Anniversary, Reunion Party
        Friday October 30th, 2009, 6 p.m. – Midnight
        At the Banquet Center at Partridge Creek

        6 p.m. Antipasto Table

        A tempting display of Italian appetizers to include:
        Soprasata Piccante, Cassalinga Salami, Fontinella Cheese,
        Celegini Mozzerela, Roasted Red Peppers, Pepperoncini,
        Assorted Sicilian Olives, Camponata, and Sliced Baguettes.

        7:30 p.m. Individual Dinner

        Mixed Green Salad
        with Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette
        Rigatoni Bolognese
        Farfalle Pasta Palamina
        Combination: Chicken Piccata and
        Filet of Beef Tenderloin with Zip sauce
        Broccoli Parmesan
        Santa Anna potato
        Dinner Rolls
        Cake and Spumoni

        Cash Bar
        Soft Drinks…………….included
        Beer…………………….…..$1.00 per glass
        House Wine…………….……$3.00 per glass
        Premium Drinks……...…$4.00 each

        $30 per person includes dinner, entertainment, tax and service.
        No charge for all Muer family members.

        All reservations and payments must be made in advance by Oct. 23rd. There will be open seating. Tables will be reserved for groups of 8 or more. Make checks payable to the Italian American Cultural Society. Mail to the John Bommarito at the Italian American Cultural Society. 43843 Romeo Plank Road, Clinton Twp. MI 48038
        Visa, Mastercard and Discover taken over the phone. (586) 226-1582 x 13

        1. As a minor side note....Over at Northville Charlies (My Mom used to work there) back in the 80' one time had three employees named John Lennon, Steve Miller and Jim Morrison. I ran into Steve years later working as a Sysco sales rep.

          I also find it funny maybe ironic that a seafood man was eventually eaten by fish.

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          1. re: JanPrimus

            "I also find it funny maybe ironic that a seafood man was eventually eaten by fish"

            Wasn't Chuck Muer the restauranteur that was lost at sea? I thought Joe Muer just fell prey to the sharks at the bank.

            1. re: Fritter

              Oh your right...I should not post before coffee in the morning. :)

              At least they were related (somehow...can't remember how)...

              ...and yes I normally have coffee by 11....but I suffered plumbing issues last night....very late night.