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Aug 24, 2009 07:35 AM

How's the Fish at the Asian Food Market of Plainsboro?

I love the Asian Food Market in Plainsboro - not just for Asian ingredients but also for their produce department, where certain items, herbs and mushrooms in particular, are better and cheaper than anywhere in the area.

There's a busy seafood counter in the back, where the fish is the cheapest around. The problem is, I'm not a very experienced fish-buyer - what I know I've read in books and this place is sending me mixed signals:

very busy = good
store smells like fish = bad (it doesn't stink, but it does smell like fish)
lots of whole fish for sale = good
eels in tanks = impressive

I was wondering what all the experienced fish-buyers out there think of this place. I usually go to Nassau Street Seafood, which is very expensive and not always reliable (they once sold me bad scallops.)

If the fish at the Asian market is good, it could be a real find.

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  1. Sort of giving this a bump b/c I too am curious as to the quality of their fresh fish. I know my sister has purchased the frozen blocks of sashimi grade salmon and made sushi rolls w/it and said it was wonderful! Can anyone speak to their fresh fish?

    1. I have had good and bad experiences with fish at the Asian Market in Plainsboro. Have had amazing whole red snapper wrapped in foil with fresh herbs and butter cooked on the grill and really smelly fish we had to throw out at home. I LOVE this market and we do a lot of our shopping there for home and business (we own a restaurant in TR -- never post on other competing restaurants or our own) Look for bright clear eyes and ask whoever is helping you for as much info as possible. The price is worth the gamble and I have had whole fish there 3 times with great success. I love this market for all the produce, hard to find products, noodles both frozen and dry and as a mom with small kids I love all the frozen Pot stickers, Shrimp and Vegetable dumplings I can toss in a pan and whip up for a last minute early dinner when I know we are not going to get a real meal on the table til late. Hope this helps.

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        Thanks, that is helpful. Will give the fish a try!

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          Thanks NJforager. The red snappers there look good and I like the fact that they're willing to let you pick out the fish and then bone and/or fillet it for you (though I'm not quite sure whether this service raises the costs.)

          I got some shrimp there the other day and it was fine - exactly the same pre-frozen tiger shrimp you'd get at the supermarket, only much cheaper. But no mushiness or fishy smell.