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Aug 24, 2009 07:35 AM

Michy's or Michael's Genuine?

I'm visiting over Labor Day and currently have reservations at Scarpetta (D), The Restaurant at the Setai (D), and DeVito's (L). I am trying to decide on dinner for one more night. I won't have a car so I'll take a cab ride from SB to one of these places. Shall I make reservations at Michy's or Michael's? I am leaning towards Michy's based on feedback from the board (and their Miami Spice menu sounds wonderful and all reviews have been positive).

Thanks for your help.


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  1. Those are both at the top of my favorites list. Michy's is quirkier and feels a bit more like a neighborhood place. Michaels is more stylish. Hard pick- Michaels has nice outside seating so if the weather is cool enough- I think I would lean towards Michy's. Be curious what others say.

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    1. re: taluga

      Does Michy's have outside seating?

      1. re: andreama

        If you want to go for Miami Spice, then go to Michy's. If you want to go to the better all around restaurant (and consistently the best restaurant in Miami in my opinion), go to Michael's. The food, staff, ambiance, and buzz are paramount at Michael's.

    2. They are both very good restaurants and are in some ways similar. Both are high quality food without being a fussy, "fine dining" type vibe; both have lots of "small plate" options (MGF&D by offering several menu choices in "snacks" "small plates" and "medium plate" sizes; Michy's by offering almost the entire menu in either 1/2 or full portions); both are tough to categorize as any particular "genre" of food, and instead fall into the amorphous "chef-driven restaurant" school.

      Michael's does not do Miami Spice, though you could probably put together a 3-course meal there for about $35 anyway (though not just by blindly picking from the menu). Michael's has more, and nicer, outdoor seating than Michy's, in a covered courtyard area; while Michy's does have some outdoor seating in back, it's a smaller space and looks out on the parking lot.

      1. My friends and I had this discussion recently. Half went with Michys half with MGFD. I have always said MGFD is my fave place in Miami but after my last Michy's experience I can't seem to decide between the two. My suggestion is drop the Setai and go to both Michy's and Michael's.

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        1. re: yomyb

          My experiences have been that when michaels is at its best it is the very best but there is a bit of inconsistency. I think overall michys will be better on average as it is more consisiten. Many disagree with me on consistency though.

          1. re: tpigeon

            Flip a coin, both are among South Florida's very best, can't go wrong either way. You can go to either, have a fine meal and have a great time. Flip the coin.


            1. re: tpigeon

              I will comment that Michael's may have an occasional miscue, like an overcooked egg or something, but I think that is pretty rare and that the food there overall is superior to Michy's on a consistent basis. I guess you cant really go wrong at either but Id rather send someone where I know the food will be fantastic, the atmosphere will be hoppin, and the neighborhood not such an eyesore.

              1. re: Blind Mind

                Thank you all very much for your recommendations. I was especially hoping Mr. Pigeon would respond---he has always been right on the money when I have asked for direction in the past!
                I made a reservation at Michy's. I think I may go to Michael's for lunch--several of you commented on his pastrami sandwich that sounds out of this world. My Jewish husband will love that!
                Sorry to ask but I do not know the area--is the neighborhood where Michy's is located dangerous? I will be cabbing it over from SB so we would just hop out and go into the restaurant--hadn't planned on wandering around.

                1. re: andreama

                  Not sure about the cab thing, my instinct is you would have to call one and wait once your meal is done at michys. Cabbing is probably easier around michaels as that area is now more of a destination. The neighborhood is worse up by michy's but as long as you don't wander around, you should be fine.

                  PS if you get the pastrami at michaels, please let me know how it is, I have not had a chance to make it down there for lunch.

                  1. re: andreama

                    There is not much around Michy's that is worth walking around for. There is a little wine shop almost next door but it's not really a "strolling around" type of neighborhood (and is still a bit dodgy). I'd agree that the Design District where MGF&D is a bit more of a walking-around type destination.

                    I got a sampling of the pastrami a month or two ago and it's delicious. It's sometimes on the dinner menu plated with a slaw & russian dressing, but its true destiny is to be a reuben.

                    1. re: Frodnesor

                      I really need to try this.

                      To the OP, if you go to michy's save room for the baked alaska and the bread pudding. If can choose only one, go baked alaska.

                        1. re: dmo305

                          Just to stress this point a bit further, the Alaska and the pudding are the best items on the menu, so do your best to get both of them...

                  2. re: Blind Mind

                    Nice touch on saying my neighborhood is an eyesore, I live a few houses east of Michy's.... LOL. Neighborhood has definitely changed for the better, and almost every restaurant in the area is should come by more often.

                    To the OP, good choice! No the neighborhood is definitely not dangerous, do not worry. I walk around with my one year old all the time. There are plenty of families out and about during dinnertime, unless your dinnertime is after 11 pm, in which case stay east of Biscayne. The dangerous areas west of Biscayne are equally close to Michy's as the bad areas are to Michael's west of North Miami Ave...

                    Michael's for lunch is a great idea! You still get the great food for less and you can sit at the patio with a great crowd. Hope you have a great time.

              2. Hard choice. Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with either one. Both are exceptional restaurants. Michy's Miami Spice menu is amazing and includes some of her most popular dishes for only $35. If I were you I would skip Devito's or the Restaurant at the Setai and go to both.

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                  1. re: tpigeon

                    YES, skip that Devito's and do MGFD lunch and Michys Dinner... Had the MOST delicious reuben at MGFD yesterday for lunch...