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Need simple ideas for Burlington VT?

TrollKing Aug 24, 2009 07:11 AM

I'll be visiting with family this weekend and would love some restaurant ideas. I've coined the term "CAFE" to describe what we're looking for; cheap, American, family, easy.

If there's something out there besides Applebee's, I'd love to hear your suggestion. These aren't my food preferences; I just need to accommodate the entire crowd. Thanks!

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  1. Morganna RE: TrollKing Aug 24, 2009 08:44 AM

    American Flatbread, I'm thinking.

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    1. re: Morganna
      stroshow3 RE: Morganna Aug 24, 2009 07:32 PM

      Seconded. It's expensive for pizza (15-20 for a large flatbread) but it's also fantastic.

      1. re: Morganna
        allieb2031 RE: Morganna Aug 24, 2009 08:19 PM

        Second the idea. Great food, GOOD food, local food. The essence of VT dining, especially in the summer!


      2. g
        gregg407 RE: TrollKing Aug 24, 2009 08:50 AM

        okay, you asked for it. All of these in the central Burlington area, on or near Church street. Ken's for good pizza and pasta and subs. New moon for just good food. Good salads and soup. And Sorbet. Sadi Katz's for deli food. Stone Soup! Great for hot food and sandwiches. And great dessert. And yes, there is a Ben & Jerry's right there, too.

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          MightyFrog RE: gregg407 Aug 25, 2009 04:57 AM

          Strong second for Sadie Katz. Wonderful brisket and matzoh ball soup.

          1. re: MightyFrog
            bm_vt RE: MightyFrog Aug 25, 2009 05:36 AM

            Bove's if you feel like Red Sauce Italian. It's on Pearl Street, a block toward the lake from Church St.

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