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Aug 24, 2009 07:04 AM

"Gourmet Cheese Shop"@ CT Post Mall in Milford

Interesting to find a cheese shop in the mall, but it kind of makes sense when you position it near Macy's and the amount of traffic you would see everyday. Cute, can I use that word even though I'm a guy, but in my opinion empty. I think there were 12 cheeses and nothing outside of something I can buy at a regular retailer. Prices....well I understand the markup because I'm sure the rent at the mall is not cheap by any means so I can't fault them for that. I would rather buy over priced cheese rather than over priced pair of jeans that I won't fit into in another year. My understanding is that they are affiliated with Villa Gourmet in downtown Milford and I have not been there yet. I am sure that Villa has more of a selection and that they feed the Mall store. I would like to see more of a selection for cheese spread across the cheese board from country to country. When you advertise "artisanal" cheese then you better have more than 1. Also, with 10 or 12 cheeses do not pre cut and wrap in plastic. At $20/lb I want that piece coming off the wheel.

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  1. Many years ago as a young adult I remember when Hickory Farms was considered gourmet .

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      Yeah your right. Big buckets of orange spread cheese for Xmas. I'm not that old but I remember that with the Hickory farms.

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        " Hickory Farms was considered gourmet ""

        and so was "Brie and Chablis" (60's)