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Weekend eats with props to Kelly's

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Had a 3rd Rest. Week meal at Plaza III in F. Hall on Fri. It was my friend's choice and I thought the menu looked okay. It was pretty quiet, we ate inside since it was 1000 degrees out. Wines weren't marked up too badly. Caesar salad was decent, not sure what the steak soup was like. I went with petit filet mignon oscar with a large grilled shrimp and asparagus. Forgot to ask for sauce on the side but it was pretty tasty. Served with mashed. Friend got turf and turf where the filet was served with a loin lamb chop which I really wanted too, but the chop didn't look that big. The petit filet wasn't the small thick piece of meat we expected, looked like a small sirloin or something. It was pretty good but not a big deal. Choc. mousse was nice, service was fine, wish we'd gone to Clink or Marco instead.

Sat. we were at City Hall Plaza for the Greenfest thing and took a break at whatever was close, so we ended up at the Purple Shamrock for the first time in my many years in Boston. But it was okay, filled probably with 1/3 tourists and 2/3 baseball fans. After exchanging weak tasting lemonade for another drink, everything else was pretty good. Two of us got lobster rolls w/ fries and cole slaw for a bargain $12.99. We asked that the roll be buttered and toasted, but it wasn't the proper style hot dog roll so they fulfilled our request on the other kind of bun, which was almost a sub roll. But it was a lot of lobster, next to no mayo, really good fries, good albeit tiny portion of cole slaw. One person got the blackened salmon wrap and one got a burger, all in the $10-13 range. Nice server, loud atmosphere, but the food was better than I thought it would be.

Was too lazy to drive to Gloucester on Sun. so after some errands, hit the Kelly's in Medford and got a scallop roll. It was *really* good. The scallops were really nicely fried, not tough at all, had that sweetness to them, overflowing in the wonderfully grilled roll, and the tartar sauce was excellent. Their fries aren't worth the calories but the few rings on the plate were very good. Altho not the thin super light batter I usually see at the Revere location. Not sure if they've all changed or that location is different. I was going to take home a few scallops but knew I didn't want to turn on an oven to crisp them up, so stuffed them all down. For $12.95, it was a great meal.

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  1. I had the scallop plate at the Revere location yesterday and while the scalopps and tartar were great, they definately changed the batter on the onion rings. I loved the light batter and now its kinda thick. Still above average.

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      Shoot, that's too bad. I definitely prefer that light thin batter style. Wonder why they changed after all these years.

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        I believe they are using frozen onion rings now...

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          I had tKelly's onion rings in Danvers today and they use a very thin, light batter and cut them thinner than the Saugus or Medford locations do. They were really good and definitely not frozen.