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Aug 24, 2009 05:44 AM

LOW/NO Corkage Fee on Mondays in NYC

With the economy being what it is these days, anyone have any great NYC reccommendations for restaurants offering low or no corkage fees at dinner time?
Any weekday corkage special deals?

Preferably Midtown/Uptown.

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  1. Square Meal - 92nd just west of Madison - charges two dollars a bottle for corkage, and the money goes to a charity to help Katrina victims.

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      I was just there for lunch yesterday for the first time in quite a while - the Thai Calamari Salad was as excellent as I remember it being - tender battered fried squid, slaw of endive and Asian pear, and a terrific spicy sauce to go with it.

    2. Nook at 51st and 9th has a perpetual no corkage fee. Apiary downtown (3rd and 11th) has no corkage fees on Monday nights, and it's become a pretty popular destination. People bring some very high-end stuff there (first growth Bordeaux, older grand cru Burgundies, etc).

      1. Limon (Turkish) in gramercy is BYOB. it's tiny but the food is delicious