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Aug 24, 2009 04:56 AM

Saturday Lunch at C5

Interesting experience.

Getting to the restaurant on a Saturday afternoon in August, when you have never been there before is a nightmare.

We had to stand in line for security.

Then we had to stand in line for the concierge, but only after speaking with 2 security people, after the first one didn't know what we were supposed to do to get to the restaurant.

The concierge handles any number of things, not just directing people to a place where lunch for two tops $135. (no apps, 2 mains, 1 bottle of water, 2 martinis and 1 glass of wine, no dessert or coffee).

When we finally got to the elevator we were supposed to take, we were greeted by a fabulously quiet oasis. But I have to say that the trip to that point was not worthy of the price being paid for eating.

Suggestion? Put the girl standing at the desk when you get there down on the main floor, near the entrance!!!

Anyhoo, on to lunch. I had the jerk halibut, which was VERY GOOD! My hubbie had the flank steak, which he said was good - could have been more thinly sliced to be slightly better but he was happy. The vodka martini was perfect.... as was the view... we watched a storm rolling in!

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  1. Did you use the separate entrance for C5? I've never seen a line up at the separate entrance, but not sure if they use it for lunch (though I imagine that they do).

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      You imagine incorrectly... We went to that entrance and for Saturday lunch as well as certain other times, it says to go to the main entrance. There is nothing after that to indicate what to do next, which on a not too busy day isn't a huge deal I guess, but on Saturday... wow.

    2. Worst service I have ever had at a restaurant! It took 20 minutes to take our drink order, and another 20 to actually get the drinks. We had four different servers scrambling around to take our orders. Completely ridiculous. The food itself the took 30 minutes to come, and was average.

      Overpriced. Unprofessional service. Mediocre food. The only plus is a nice atmosphere, but certainly not a reason to ever return. Ever.

      C5 Restaurant Lounge
      100 Queen's Park, Toronto, ON M5S 266, CA