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Aug 23, 2009 09:26 PM

International Cheese competitions?

I've been arguing with some French friends about U.S. cheeses vs. French cheeses, and we're all wondering if there are any prestigious cheese competitions that reward the best artisanal cheese in the world? I tried looking online, but it looks like most of the awards I've found are only given to larger producers around the globe.

Which are the most prestigious cheese awards, and, are there any for smaller cheesemakers?

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    1. There might be something at the Slow Food cheese festival held in Bra, Italy (it's held in alternating years when there isn't a Salon del Gusto). If you've ever wanted to see an entire TOWN filled with cheese, along every sidewalk, that's your destination.

      1. Many, many cheese competitions-

        In the US, there's the American Cheese Society's competition every year- this year's conference and show was in Austin TX, see for more.

        World Cheese Awards in London

        World Cheese awards, Dublin

        NASFT awards- (National association for the specialty food trade


        SIAL Awards, France (Le Salon International du Process Alimentaire

        Caseus Awards:

        to name a few...

        And of course, the Slow food Cheese Festival in Bra, where I will be in the first All- American cheese booth in the history of the festival.

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