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Aug 23, 2009 09:19 PM

$18.00 Cowboy Ribeye at Butcher and Singer

I had to get out last night because it was raining all day and was stir crazy. I decided to try the special rib eye at Butcher and Singer. Got there around 7:00 Pm and the bar was empty. Being alone, I dont much like crowded bars as they make me feel even more lonely. Took a seat at the far end of the bar and ordered a glass of Zinfadel. Mike, the bartender, was an old pro. I ordered the Butcher salad and the rib eye medium rare. The butcher salad (9.00) was very tasty. It was more on the order of a chopped salad with smoked mozerrella, pepporicino, etc. I really enjoyed the flavors. Then came the rib eye. Cooked perfectly. Seasoned even better, but the fattiest steak I have ever had. Probably 1/2 of it was edible. The bar started to fill up with older couples my age. One more glass of wine. Check please. The 2 glasses of wine=$24.00. I could have had a better steak at Little Pete's or a cheeseburger at Good Dog. With the tip, the check was 60.00. I left half the steak on my plate and went home to watch the Phillies.

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  1. If you can do a lunch around there, you might try Capital Grill's Ribeye sandwich for $17. It's always been delicious for me and had no more than a rind of fat on the end/side.

    1. I went to B&S on Saturday night. We had two rib-eye steaks, an appetizer and two sides which totaled $60 (not including alcohol). Both of us were stuffed and enjoyed the leftovers the next day. The stuffed hash browns were OUT OF THIS WORLD. My rib-eye was cooked perfectly and also was perfectly seasoned. I do agree with you that it was very fatty. Overall, i was pleased with the experience - $60 for a great meal (and leftovers). It was worth it IMO.