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Aug 23, 2009 06:43 PM

ISO Taylor Ham (pork roll)

Where can I find this in NYC?
Anywhere in NW Queens?

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  1. I've seen it in Stop N' Shop in the grocery cases with liverwurst and packaged stuff like that.

    1. It's a pretty regional thing . . . Jersey and Western PA. That said, you can call 877-979-9499 and get it shipped to you from New Jersey (3 lb. & 6 lb. sizes).

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      1. re: Brklynbobby

        Or you can go take the PATH to Pavonia-Newport and get it at A&P or ShopRight.

        1. re: Brklynbobby

          eastern Pa also. i grew up on the stuff and still see it in the supermarkets when i go visit
          i grew up outside philadelphia

        2. D'Alessandros in Flushing carries it. I bought it there about 3 weeks ago.

          4607 Hollis Court Blvd
          Flushing, NY 11358
          (718) 353-9277