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Aug 23, 2009 06:28 PM

how to preserve beets?

hi chowhounds,

can you please tell me how to preserve/can beets WITHOUT pickling them? we grew way too many beet plants ... and now have a glut of red beets! i'd like to know how to preserve them without using vinegar. can i just use some salt and water?

thank you!!

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  1. Beets will hold pretty long as is. If you have a "cool, dry place" like a garage, basement, whatever. Don't wash them, cut off the greens for immediate use, and pack the beets in a cardboard box, cover with newspaper and put in that cool, dry place. We have a spare fridge in the garage and pack our various roots in the drawers. About the end of September when we run out of fridge space we pack in boxes in the garage.

    For canning and shelf storage you can find many recipes in a search but if you're not pickling you will have to can them with a pressure cooker. The beets need the acidity the vinegar provides to be safely canned in a waterbath. Check with your local ag extension office to see if there is a community cannery near you. I hate to can in a pressure cooker and use our community cannery to do that stuff.

    For freezing, cook your beets as you like, slice, dice, pack in containers and freeze. Again a simple search will bring up lots of recipes.

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    1. re: morwen

      hi morwen,

      thanks for all the info.

      i had no idea beets would keep for a long time in a cool/dry place. i will look into this and see if we can figure something out.

      as for the canning, maybe i'll find a few pickling recipes and try a batch or two to see if i like them. i really like my beets plain and simple ... so i'm not so sure about this vinegar idea!

      thanks again!

      1. re: lilaki

        I LOVE pickled beets, they are great on salads, add some goat cheese and toasted nuts.