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Best chocolate chip cookie in LA?

I am on a search for the best chocolate chip cookie in Los Angeles. It is for my husband, and though I am willing to drive for it, it would be great to get suggestions in the Valley (Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Burbank, etc.), as well as any in Hollywood/West Hollywood. Santa Monica and Culver City may be a bit far to travel for a cookie... Thanks!!

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  1. Well, in general, my favorite cookies in LA are from Diddy Riese in Westwood.

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    1. My favorites are from Clementine in Century City and LA Mill Coffee in Silver Lake. Sadly, I don't like the ones at Diddy Reese mentioned below. They have a bad aftertaste but they are cheap.
      I've heard good things about the ones at Curious Palate in Mar Vista, Square One Dining in Hollywood/Los Feliz area and at Milk mid-LA area but I haven't tried any of those YET. I want to try the ones at Tavern soon (they offer both chewy and crispy in their front larder section) and the ones at La Grande Orange in Santa Monica topped with Fleur de Sel (they are HUGE).

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        The choc chip cookies at Curious Palate are delicious and very large. My only complaint is that they have too much chocolate in them. I imagine that won't bother most people.
        They've recently started opening for breakfast(@ 7:30AM). Four of us had breakfast there today and agreed that each of the four different dishes was excellent.

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          i completely concur with your opinion of the Diddy Reese cookies.

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            i think the long lines are due to the cheap price which i get. i went to ucla so they were around me constantly and try as i might they just didn't do it for me but if people love em then more power to them. now the pizookie at bj's (deep dish cookie pie with ice cream) - THAT i loved

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              I agree. The price was a big selling point. Personally, I went there for the cinnamon sugar cookies and/or make them into an ice cream sandwich.

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            I recently had the Double Chocolate cookie (cannot remember if that's the exact name) at MILK fresh out of the oven, and it was SO delicious!

            That being said, like doughnuts, for me chocolate chip cookies are at their pinnacle when fresh out of the oven, and still hot/warm, so that usually precludes me from getting them when out.

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              ooey gooey chocolate cookie- i just bought one for a co-worker and he LOVED it. such a great cookie. it wasn't just out of the over so i had him nuke it for about 7 seconds.

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                virtually ANY chocolate chip cookie will taste good just out of the oven.
                even the ones made with artificial chocolate, high fructose corn syrup, and partiallly hydrogenated vegetable oil taste good just out of the oven.
                cardboard with chocolate melted all over it would probably be passable just out of the oven

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                  I love to see such passion and commitment to chocolate or cookies or any other great food, but, unfortunately, the only thing I can agree with in westsidegal's post is the part about wanting the Baltimore -- I mean Indianapolis -- Colts to finally move to Los Angeles next year. ;-)

                  Sorry, pretty gal, but I wish you'd said: "Any chocolate chip cookie will be IMPROVED if you eat it just out of the oven, although moral errors like using artificial chocolate, high fructose corn syrup, or partiallly hydrogenated vegetable oil will still be apparent." That's a platform I can endorse and would be happy to forward to General Mills, et al.

          3. Julienne's in San Marino. It is called Jumble, crispy with lots of nuts.

            1. Nieman Marcus in Woodland Hills in the Westfield Topanga Mall. The nieman marcus cafe bakes Nieman marcus famous cookies.

              Bloomingdales Cafe at the Westfield Fashon Square in Sherman Oaks makes an excellant chocolate chip cookie.

              1. Ahhh, so many choices! Thanks so much for all the great recommendations!

                1. The chocolate chip cookies rolled with potato chips at Grub is pretty darn good.


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                    Very Momofuku-esque, that cookie...

                  2. normally, i would say my house, but alas, i doubt you want to come here for a big batch.

                    deluscious cookies are also good.

                    re diddy riese, i used to like the cinnamon sugar as well as the m&m cookies (these had good m&m to salty dough ratio), but the choc chip, meh.

                    1. Sorry, ya'll. I gotta say Uncle Eddies vegan walnut choco chip-perfect salt to sugar to chocolate ratio.

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                        Where do you get these? I tried Veggie Grill's chocolate chip cookie ($2) and it didn't have enough chocolate chips in it, though it was definitely moist and chewy.

                        Veggie Grill
                        4213 Campus Dr, Irvine, CA 92612

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                          you can get Uncle Eddies vegan at Erewhon, Whole Foods, etc. they are good. But I had this crazy chocolate chip walnut cookie in NYC this summer from Levain Bakery - good god, not to be believed. You can only order and they are ridiculously expensive that way but treat yourself and your loved ones for the holidays - off the hook!

                      2. Deluscious Cookies! I just had some last week. They are without nuts. They are thin, large, crispier at the outer edges and softer in the middle. Just the right amount of choc chips. Amazing ingredients - no skimping. How do I know? I sent some as a gift last week and sent some to the office for all of us to enjoy too -- I made a point of including a few choc chips in our office order so that I could have some.

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                          Another vote for Deluscious! I also like Isabella's which they sell at Whole Foods, Larchmont Wine + Cheese and some other stores.

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                            Agreed. Got these for my husband for Father's Day and they were so good.

                          2. Snookies Cookies in Glendale. They have the best, buttery-est cookies in LA, but I particularly love their chocolate chip with pecan. The only problem is that they specialize in gift baskets not retail, but they'll let you order from the store if you buy at least six.

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                              Buttery is an understatement. They give the same "make the napkin translucent" effect that a greasy Tommy burger does.

                              1. re: DrBruin

                                So true. And I love 'em for it.

                            2. Wow I'm amazed that no one has mentioned the Choc Chip Cookies at the Bakery inside The Ivy on Robertson Blvd, with toasted hazelnuts, definitely the best in LA. Yes the ones at LAMILL are good too, but the ones at the Ivy are always worth a detour! I wish there were more available fabulous CCC's, but there aren't! An outfit called kelley's cookies (kelleyscookies.com) distributes to the Japanese Markets I frequent, and I have ordered from them for home delivery and I must say that they are really fantastic! (I'm not affiliated with anyone!)

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                                this has now moved to it's own space called "Dolce Isola (The Ivy Bakery)
                                2869 S. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034 It's right north of Hamilton High on the same side of the street

                              2. Though it's way out in Claremont to the east, Some Crust Bakery makes exquisite cookies in addition to fantastic bread and muffins. The chocolate chip variety are very good and the ginger cookies and pumpkin chocolate muffins are absolute top notch. If this place was closer to L.A., it would be one of LA's most famous bakeries. Claremont is lucky.

                                1. You must drive to Santa Monica, sorry. The BEST chocolate chip cookie I think I've ever had (and I've had plenty!) is at La Grande Orange on Main Street a block South of Pico. They also have chocolate chip with sea salt - but to me - the plain chocolate chip rules. You will NOT be disappointed!

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                                    Tavern's chocolate chip cookies are great. They come in two styles: crisp or soft. Also, they sell their chocolate chip cookie dough if you want to make your own.

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                                      The BEST chocolate chip cookie I think I've ever had (and I've had plenty!) is at La Grande Orange on Main Street a block South of Pico.

                                      I will second this.
                                      Outstanding cookie...and they're huge.

                                    2. deluscious cookies are amazing!! also amazing are the cookies at city bakery at the brentwood country mart. buttery, yummy goodness!

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                                        city bakery closed, unfortunately.

                                        i recently had some excellent ones from here: http://cookiecasa.com/

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                                          Second Cookie Casa. Very moist buttery cookies! mmmmm

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                                          City Bakery closed earlier this year.

                                        3. Clementine

                                          1751 Ensley Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024

                                          1. The Village Idiot

                                            They have a cookie that is like a saucer - BIG and full of chocolate chips. It's a little thicker than your normal cookie (I think they use bread four)

                                            Obviously Village Idiot is not a bakery (and the cookie is like $5, but HUGE!) but i have stopped in before and gotten one to go. The waiters look at me like I'm crazy.

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                                            1. clementine's is def one of my faves.. deluscious-the sugar cookies and chocolate decadence are better than their chocolate chip IMO. la provence's cookies are actually pretty good, albeit inconsistent.. when they hit the mark they're great (huge blocks of chocolate).

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                                                I'd have to agree with namstermonster's opinion of deluscious. The chocolate chip, while fantastic, isn't unforgettable, while the chocolate decadence is absolutely to die for.

                                                Here were my impressions when I reviewed the cookies:
                                                "Chocolate decadence: Like eating a fudgy brownie, except better. Great sugar layer on top. Tons of chocolate flavor, almost an overload. The sugary top adds a nice counterpoint, making for a more multidimensional flavor. Interesting mix. Stick to this—it’s unlike anything else. There’s a reason why it’s the specialty. Like the “ooey gooey” at Milk but 10x better. 9.7.
                                                "Chocolate chip: Also excellent. Buttery, moist, a bit greasy. Three different types of choc—extremely interesting choc flavor that meshes with butteriness of cookie. It’s an amazing choc chip cookie. 9.0."

                                                Hope that helps!

                                                -The Food Buster

                                              2. Another recent thread on where to find Nirvanic CCC's: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/705624

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                                                  The Larder at Tavern offers a choice of chewy or crispy? Both, IMHO, are the best chocolate chip cookies. I prefer the chewy..my husband prefers the crispy. Both are delicious.

                                                2. I think the best chocolate chip cookie I've had was at Primo Caffe at the Americana in Glendale. I think they make their own? I like my cookies to be moist and chewy, not hard and crunchy (like City Bakery's cookies, although I know they're gone now -- hmm, I wonder why), not too sweet, and not over the top with the chocolate chips. Actually, even though I like chocolate, I'd be happy to have the cookie only without chocolate chips.

                                                  City Bakery
                                                  225 26th St # 25, Santa Monica, CA