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Aug 23, 2009 05:35 PM

Where to Birthday my Boyfriend (well actually fiance, but that didn't rhyme) in Seattle?

My fiance lives in Kirkland (me in Los Angeles). His bday is upcoming and we want to celebrate it in WA with his family since he's moving south with me soon (sniff). I don't know the cool places here very well, but have heard about places like Crush and Ethan (?'s) restaurants. Went by the Barking Frog and Herb Garden the other day. I"d like to find something charming, small, quiet with KILLER food and even better wine. We need a place for about 10ish people. Thoughts?

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  1. Check out Art of the Table, Chez Shea, Stumbling Goat

    1. Boat Street. It's small, with killer food and wine. It's not quiet but it's not obnoxiously loud.

      I also agree with mrnelso's Art of the Table rec.

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      1. re: Lauren

        Ethan Stowell is the reference, and Union would be the one that fits your list. Crush would be great, as would above referalls. Art of the Table may not be great for a celebratory dinner, as it is a single seating, no menu chef presentation kind of thing. Dont get me wrong, Justin rocks in the kitchen, but I don't think that I would go there to celebrate.

        you should move here instead!

      2. Cafe Juanita in Kirkland immediately comes to mind. I believe it matches your criteria for "charming, small, quiet with KILLER food and even better wine." For what it's worth, Holly Smith, the chef, is a contestant on the Food Network's "The Next Iron Chef" airing in October.

        1. fwiw, the current title doesnt rhyme either(mild alliteration sure, but no rhyming):-p

          if he/you/family enjoy cocktails I have to recommend either Vessel or Zig Zag Cafe for some after dinner drinks. as for dinner itself, it would be tough to go wrong with places such as Chiso Kappo for sushi, Quinn's for gastropub fare, Harvest Vine, Crush, Spur or Sitka&Spruce.

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            LOL....ok grammar lover, it's not a rhyme, but a ????

            Guys - where are all these rests. you are suggesting?

          2. btw - i LOVE the idea of a getting into a place with a chef's table, where we can all be dazzled and pampered by a person who loves to present a meal...

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            1. re: Senzinina

              Art of the Table (mentioned my mrnelso above) is just North of downtown in the Fremont/Wallingford neighborhood.

              Chef Dustin (not Justin as mentioned above) is awesome. If you like the chef's table idea - you'll love it.

              1. re: Lauren

                Yes. Dustin enjoys regaling guests with tales of where and how he sourced the evening's meal. Nice guy, friendly staff, nice, cozy little joint. Happy Mondays are a good bet. He uses them to sell-off whatever's left of recent menus, at happy-hour prices. Wines too.